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Gayle Lagman-Creswick | Jul 2, 2012, 6 a.m.

Dear Old Bag: You know, lady, I’m so tired of this thing you stated in one of your advice answers (Lovin’ Life After 50, June 2012). They were only looking for illegals that break the law? To be an illegal, you have broken the law. So why aren’t these people aiding and abetting anytime they give aid? How can they draw the line between other crimes and this? Illegal is illegal, is illegal, is illegal, period. I am sick of it and so are millions of hardworking taxpayers that see their money go to these people. If it will buy votes for politicians, we can overlook it. Come on, be honest. Give it a rest. Signed, LR Colorado

Dear Colorado: First of all, the gentleman who wrote to me was asking for my advice, not my opinion, regarding illegals. However, since you opened the dialogue, let’s talk.

I know there are millions who agree with you, but I happen to be in a quandary about the whole immigration issue. This is why:

1 If I were a resident of Nigeria or Mexico, or another country in turmoil, I think I might try to take my chances on entering a country illegally to protect myself and my family.

2 I am a spiritual person and the Higher Power I worship teaches me that what I do to the least of His people, I do also to Him.

3 I know for a fact that for years and years America turned the other way when illegals entered the country, almost inviting them to come here to Arizona. Then, all of a sudden, they realize what they have done and want to send them all home. I believe we have played a big part in their being here, and we must deal with the problem humanely.

4 I am all in favor of cracking down on illegal border crossings. It must be done.

5 I am also in favor of first going after the illegals who are felons.

6 When I think of the drugs coming in from Mexico, I am reminded that if we clamped down on the drug buyers/users in the U.S., the Mexican drug cartels would fade away.

Thanks for writing, and I am glad we could have this dialogue.

Dear Old Bag: I have something to get off my chest. I know you do not believe in giving advice to your children and grandchildren, but I am having a hard time keeping my mouth shut. I love them all, but I cannot understand how my daughter could let her daughter out of the house wearing such skimpy clothing. My daughter would never have been allowed out of the house looking like that. To my way of thinking, it is like releasing a magnet to arouse the opposite sex; then we wonder why there are so many date rapes and other sexual crimes. Do you think it would be in order to have a heart-to-heart talk with my daughter? Signed, Worried Grandma

Dear Grandma: While I agree with some of your thoughts, I cannot advise you to have that talk with your daughter. It will not do any good, except to plant in their minds that you do not approve of them. Even married and older children like to feel their parents approve of them and their methods of raising their children. I say that we really do not have much choice about letting our kids raise their kids as they see fit. They will do their own thing, and should. Love them. Pray for them. And when your granddaughter dresses decently, tell her how lovely she looks. Good luck.

Confidential to Working Woman: You have the right to work as long as you can successfully do the job. Hang in there!

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