Can feng shui really fire up your love life?

Jul 2, 2012, 9:33 a.m.

To fire up your love life, why not try something new that could enhance the opportunity for love in your life? Feng Shui design is an old practiced art of physical placement of items to encourage positive energy. It incorporates elements of Nature, such as air, water, fire and earth. Colors are also important, and love has its own best specific color, red. There are detailed and lengthy volumes to explain this interesting mix of art and science, but for purposes of brevity, here is a short list of ways to use Feng Shui for love and to fire up your love life.

  1. Get Ready for Love -- Set the stage first in your own mind about what you want to happen. Think about how pleasant it is to give and receive love from your partner. Feng Shui design includes arranging the bed so it is the focal point of the bedroom, attractively placed and immediately inviting.
  2. Decorate for Love -- Create a positive Feng Shui for love atmosphere that reflects relaxation, peace and quiet. Use colors associated with heat and love, such as red. Red is the color of fire; it casts a warm glow in a room. Textures should be soft and sensual, from sheets to pillows, blankets, and even a cuddly teddy bear. Set out items in pairs, such as bedside lamps, tables, picture frames or mirrors. Accessories should evoke happy memories.
  3. Make Room for Love -- Start by clearing away clutter in the bedroom, and especially items under the bed. Remove distracting items such as work desks, computers, television sets, toys and anything that removes the focus from the love atmosphere you have created.
  4. Begin with You -- Feng Shui design starts in your mind when you decide to act. Love yourself and you will naturally attract happy, loving people. Plan, be aware of and enjoy using Feng Shui for love skills to fire up your love life.

The main point of any preparation for excitement and love in your life is to remember that it does not happen all by itself, in a vacuum handed to you. Relationships require care; planning, consideration, thoughtfulness, effort and some accessories to help set the scene for a romantic interlude. Use Feng Shui techniques to help you and your partner fire up your love life and reach that happy place where every moment feels magical.

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