The health and safety benefits of taking up martial arts

Jul 9, 2012, 8:33 a.m.

If you thought that martial arts exercises were just for kids and young adults, think again. Karate, Tai Chi and other Asian defensive arts are a good way to keep you limber as well as teach you to defend yourself and feel more confident when out in public. There are also a variety of health benefits from practicing martial arts. Below are just a few reasons to re-think your old conceptions and consider signing up for a class:

Health benefits of martial arts

The benefits of aerobic exercise are well-documented. Regular exercise helps keep bones strong, helps to keep your heart healthy and helps to reduce blood pressure, just to name a few things. However, jogging around a track can be boring, not to mention hard on aging knees and ankles. Martial arts provide a more diverse and less boring exercise routine with less impact on aging joints. The mental aspect of martial arts is well-suited to an older athlete. Martial arts training can also improve one's mental agility, tone muscles and increase self confidence and self esteem.

Martial arts for safety

Learning martial arts has long been touted as a good way to teach self-defense...and for good reason. Unlike guns and knives, which can be safety hazards even in skilled hands, martial arts training gives you the techniques and skills necessary to disable an attacker and/or evade him. Such training gives you the element of surprise and increases the odds on your walking away unharmed from a mugging or other attack.

Don't settle for boring aerobic exercise classes or walking around the mall for exercise. Sign up for a martial arts class and live a stronger, more agile, more confident life.

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