Are bulk buy memberships worth the cost?

Jul 23, 2012, 9:10 a.m.

The consensus is that shopping at wholesale club stores like Sams, Costco, and BJ's can save you tons of money if you have the need and space for large quantities of items. However, if your list of things to buy in bulk is a short one, it seems like shopping at these wholesale club stores may not be a good match for you; but in reality this may not be true.

The truth is that these stores not only offer great deals on things to buy in bulk, but they also have everyday low prices on other items you may use that are not sold in bulk quantities. For instance, if you own a small business or find yourself using a lot of office supplies, wholesale club stores offer a great deal on items such as toner, envelopes and file folders. Great deals can also be had on computers, printers, and other electronics that we all need. Saving even a hundred dollars on a laptop or the latest electronic gadget will more than pay for your yearly membership fee.

Then there is the obvious savings on items that are actually on your list of things to buy in bulk. Food items like salad mix, meat, cheese, and fruit are usually much cheaper than at the regular grocery store. You can also find good deals on paper products like napkins, disposable plates, and paper cups, which come in handy if you entertain a lot, have family that visits often, or just simply are not a fan of doing dishes.

Another advantage to having a membership with these wholesale club stores is that there are often other perks of having a membership such as discount gas, savings on travel, and even photo processing and auto service that can save you money.

If you are not sure these wholesale club stores are a good match for you, most clubs offer a one day shopping pass that will give you the opportunity to check out their items and prices to see if you would benefit from purchasing a club membership. Another good idea is to go shopping with a friend who already has a membership and use this chance to check things out before purchasing a membership. It is smart to have an idea of what you would typically pay for items you use on a regular basis so you can compare the club prices to see if you will be getting a good deal.

So, all in all, wholesale clubs just may be the way to get the most bang for your buck when making purchases on a variety of things that you really do use. Get your one day club shopping pass or tag along with a buddy and see if a membership in these wholesale club stores will work for you.

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