No yard? No room inside? No problem. The DIY patio garden

Jun 25, 2012, 8:24 a.m.

Even the smallest living area has space enough for a do-it-yourself (DIY) patio garden. It doesn't matter if you have no yard or seemingly no room inside to grow plants and flowers. A DIY patio garden solves problems of lack of yard or room space quite neatly and efficiently. As a bonus, your self-made patio garden will beautify the small space you do have available. You can design outdoor decor for your balcony by creating a custom patio garden design, and then dress it up with smaller garden decorations.

There are so many wonderful options you can use to create a tiny garden on a deck, porch, patio or sunny window area. Consider a patio garden design that will allow you to enjoy growing some favorites despite small space restrictions.

  1. Use a trellis or tall garden decorations to grow climbing vines and plants upward and to use as a privacy screen when needed.
  2. Tall step-style planters and arbors can enhance an area while offering more usable space for planting herbs, flowers or decorative greenery.
  3. Use window boxes and pots for herbs and tiny floral arrangements.
  4. Indoor planters can be used to bring in a bit of the outdoors and fragrances when you grow small-size plants like pot roses or chives.
  5. Utilize upper reaches by installing hooks and hanging planters; grow trailing plants or tasty tomatoes.

The important thing to remember when growing in a small area is to pre-plan your usage of that space. There are some very nice and easy-to-use software programs available online to download. One website packed full of information for the DIY patio garden devotee is found at www.diyhomenetwork.net. Think outside the "box" when planning to make full use of vertical and overhead spaces.

You can grow small tree-like plants indoors in pots also. Try a fast-growing tall dieffenbachia, a plant known for its preference for shade rather than sunshine. Line a sunny window with pots planted with herbs to use for cooking as they mature. Chives, parsley, basil, thyme and others are fun to grow and great to use for seasoning foods. New products, like Aero-Garden lighted planters, are uniquely designed for indoor gardening.

Lack of space or yard room is no excuse to not enjoy the fun and rewards of gardening. Dress up your mini-garden with regular garden decorations like a small sundial, bird feeder, weather vane or thermometer. If you do have a small outdoor patio or deck, consider its construction materials as design elements when you are creating your patio garden design. Flagstones and decorative bricks can be used to bring depth and dimension to a flat surface; build some areas specifically to hold planters or trellis units.

Use taller shrubs or trees for privacy; alternate taller and shorter plants to create an interesting design. Install some lighting or solar lights so you can enjoy your DIY patio garden during the evening or nighttime hours. A barbeque grill is another good option to include in your patio garden design. Remember to include at least one bench or small table with chairs for seating so you can relax in your enjoyable patio area. Take a blank patio or deck and make it charming and decorative; you'll want to spend a lot of time enjoying your garden.

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