Three great exercises for 55+ women

May 2, 2012, 8:28 a.m.

With a little bit of exercise, older women don't have to look or feel older. Turn on your TV and you'll see Madonna and Jamie Lee Curtis still being represented as sex symbols. The consensus: 55 isn't what it used to be. Today, with proper health care and senior fitness, there's no reason you can't be as beautiful and fit at 55 as you were at 35.

Here are some of the best exercises for women who are 55+ and still want to feel beautiful, healthy, and sexy:

Elliptical Machines

A used elliptical machine is an inexpensive option and can provide you with a great way to work in daily exercise with ease. By working out in front of your TV on a low impact machine, an elliptical can work your muscles without hurting your knees. You don't even need to go outdoors for this one.


Yoga is a truly excellent foundation upon which to build a whole fitness routine. Yoga works the entire body in low-impact and no-impact stretching and exercise routines. A really great exercise for older adults, yoga keeps you flexible, strong, and capable. In fact, it's not uncommon for a senior who does yoga to be more physically capable than a 40 something who doesn't.


If you don't want to become a fitness nut and spend hours a day exercising, you can at least fit in a daily walk of 12 minutes or more. A good walk is low impact, it gets you outdoors for some sun and fresh air and it keeps you active, all of which can be difficult for retirees.

Before pursuing any high-stress, high-impact exercises like weight lifting, running, and sports, you should seriously consider talking to your physician. We can't possibly guess at your physical condition, but you and your doctor will know best what you should and shouldn't pursue in terms of exercise.

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