Returning to the workforce? Take an online aptitude test first

May 16, 2012, 8:35 a.m.

The work aptitude test has come a long way, baby. Long gone are the days of sitting down in front of a typewriter to gauge how many words a candidate can type in a minute or perform simple math functions. Work aptitude tests have expanded to include everything from a general skill set test to career-specific tests for those wishing to work as a clown. Going back to work may seem overwhelming, but those rejoining the workforce can narrow down their choices and leverage their talents and skills if they first take a work aptitude test. The type of test to take depends on the area one wishes to explore, and the Accredited Online Colleges website offers 50 different free, online work aptitude tests to suit the area that requires that exploration.

No clue? No worries

For those who have little or no clue where to begin their return to the workforce, several general tests can serve as guides. General questions help determine what career path may be best suited for candidates and which would be the worst. Tests in this category serve to gauge the perfect career based on likes, dislikes, goals and dreams.

A host of other tests match up careers based on personality, talents and skills. A Free IQ Test is part of this lineup, as are the classic Myers-Briggs test and one called The Insight Game that help discern personality types. Existing talents and skills can come out with the Skills Center Test, the Creativity Self-Assessment and a test that asks, "Are You Mentally Tough?" Other tests help determine negotiation, leadership and time-management skills while one comes right out and asks "Are you on the path to success?"

Determining if the dream career will work

Those going back to work with a career path in mind can benefit from a number of more specific tests that help determine if that chosen career will actually work. These include a Stress Test, Work Preference Inventory and Career Values Test that discern if candidates are able to handle the career they've chosen and if it is, in fact, the right career for them.

Others focus on job satisfaction, job security and guidance on just about any career-related decision. One that may be especially helpful for those going back to work after a hiatus is the Second Career Test. It helps ensure job seekers make the right decisions when opting for a career change.

Candidates ready to take the leap into a very specific field can test their compatibility in that area with field-related tests. Those dreaming of a career with a corner office as CEO may want to double-check their leadership capabilities with a test that asks, "Are You Management Material?" Future salespeople can check if their future will be bright with the Ultimate Sales Challenge. Other tests focus on careers involving working from home, making it as an entrepreneur and aptitudes in certain career fields such as firefighting. The work aptitude test has not only come a long way, it has also become an enjoyable way to determine a likely path to success.

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