How to get started taking computer classes

May 30, 2012, 8:44 a.m.

Beginner computer classes: Defining criteria

Perhaps you have lived under the impression that the Internet is a kid's sandbox, a play toy with lots of fuss and little legitimate value. Well, times have changed. Maybe it is time to gear down on some beginner computer classes.

But where do you start?

If you know nothing about keyboards, scroll bars or word processors, how do you dive into the world of audio mapping, digital imprinting and the Internet? What defines the best starting point for someone seeking computer classes for beginners?

Go forth in three stages:

  1. Take keyboarding classes. Trying to learn how to use a computer when you lack basic keyboarding skills is a sure path to frustration and disappointment. Make this your primary starting point.
  2. Take a course on computer concepts and terminology. This type class can seem boring and may not include any form of personal interaction with a functional computer. Yet even when operating the remote of a television set, you need to understand certain principles and relationships. The same is true with computer hardware, software and external connections. Make knowledge of the concepts and terminology your second priority.
  3. Take an "Introduction to Windows" class. This will teach you how to identify and associate on-screen icons with the operating features they support.

Where to Start

Adult computer classes for beginners are often available through local high schools and various government employment agencies. Just remember that frustration always lingers near your fingertips, so take it slowly.

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