Why Obama Will Lose on Nov. 6

Drew Alexander | Oct 8, 2012, 6 a.m.

In all the years writing this column, I have never entered into the minefield of prognostication. But I’m going to take that step now.

Barack Obama will not be re-elected on Nov. 6. He will be a one-term president.

Setting aside all the polls, ignoring all the blue state and red state numbers, looking past all the statistical data and historical trends, I base my prediction solely on anecdotal experiences, personal observation and a gut feeling. Not scientific, I know, but you can get numerous such analyses elsewhere.

I have traveled this exceptional nation by car, absorbing everything from the majestic to the minuscule. Veering off the interstates to the roads less traveled, I met scores of fellow Americans who really make this country tick. They were farmers and computer programmers, tailors, bartenders, contractors, truck drivers and receptionists.

From the family-owned automobile dealership in Midland, Mich., that had two long-standing new car franchises taken away during the Obama bailout of General Motors and Chrysler, to the motel manager in Branson, Mo., who was losing her job due to a sharp decline in tourist travel, the mood was dark in middle America and in all of the nine states I visited.

I heard less about political ideology and more about personal economic hardship and the direction of the country. Regarding the two major political parties, there was general disenchantment with both; nearly half the individuals classified themselves as “independents.”

Another barometer of why Barack Obama will not be re-elected is the wholesale enmity the president has generated among large, important segments of the voting population.

The Obama administration is telling Roman Catholic nonprofit organizations that they must pay for abortion-inducing drugs, contraception devices and sterilization in their insurance plans under the Obamacare bill. In forcing payment for practices the Catholic Church considers immoral, the president is potentially alienating some 77.7 million Catholic parishioners in the United States, representing about 25 percent of the nation’s population.

The president’s “You didn’t build that” speech was a slap in the face of millions of entrepreneurs who did indeed build their singular corner of the American dream. Obama’s belittling of such people offended today’s small business owners and all the preceding generations of ambitious Americans.

About those “roads and bridges” the president spoke of, I remind him that they belong to us. Every government structure, every vehicle, desk, chair and computer—along with the White House and every presidential aircraft and limousine—were built by us and paid for by our tax dollars.

Frustrated by the influx of over 500,000 illegal aliens in Arizona, the state passed legislation that mirrors federal law to help deal with the problem. Obama’s answer was not to offer assistance but to sue the people of Arizona. When Alabama passed illegal immigration legislation similar to Arizona’s, they were also sued by the Department of Justice.

Adding insult to injury, attorney general Eric Holder for months stonewalled a congressional investigation into the Fast and Furious operation that allowed more than 2,000 guns from the United States to fall into the hands of Mexican drug traffickers. One of those weapons was used to kill U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Still hiding the facts from the American people, Holder is the first sitting attorney general to be held in criminal contempt of Congress.

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