Is it worth buying the iPhone 5?

Oct 16, 2012, 8:52 a.m.
Evaluating the pros and cons should help you decide to buy iPhone 5 or pass on the opportunity.

As a seasoned veteran, you probably realize there is no perfect product. Our economic system, capitalism, offers profit incentives for manufacturers, wholesalers and retail sellers to invent, produce, price and offer competitive products and services. Considering whether or not to spend your money to buy iPhone 5 is merely another example of this reality.

The iPhone is a wonderful device. But, do you need all its capabilities and will you accept its "warts?" Evaluating the pros and cons should help you decide to buy iPhone 5 or pass on the opportunity. Do not restrict your evaluation to the phone itself, because buying the device is a one-time cost. You should also compare iPhone plans to learn what you will pay every month for as long as you own the phone.

iPhone Pros

Speed. If you have a need for speed, you may want to buy iPhone 5. It displays its speed advantage, not only to the competition, but it's much faster than its impressive predecessor, the iPhone 4S.

Light, but sturdy. Weighing only 3.95 ounces, the iPhone 5 is also a sturdy little guy. You might forget it's in your pocket or purse, but it will take a beating better than some competitive devices.

Striking design. Apple understands the concept, "perception is reality." While the aluminum back may feel less solid than the iPhone 4S's glass back, it looks like a design winner, along with its more responsive touch screen and improved camera.

Excellent screen size . Instead of installing a monster screen, Apple just made its screen taller. It's perfect for the average hand, allowing you to reach the top and the bottom of the screen easily.

iPhone Cons

Apple maps subpar. Many users are unpleasantly surprised with the quality of the maps offered.

New port requires new cables. You cannot use older speaker docks, car chargers and other stuff. You need to buy new cords and accessories.

Many popular apps not ready yet. Many developers were not ready for iPhone 5 changes.

When you compare iPhone plans, some carriers don't have surf and talk feature. Verizon and Sprint providers still don't offer a surf the 'Net while talking ability available on Android smartphones.

When considering whether to buy iPhone 5, think about how you use your cellphone. If you just make and receive calls, you're probably overspending for a pure calling device. However, should you use many capabilities of a smartphone, including e-mail, web surfing, texting and GPS, the iPhone 5 ranks high. Be sure to compare iPhone plans to use the carrier that best satisfies your preferences.

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