Passing down your skills: How to volunteer your dance floor skills to the young

Sep 17, 2012, 8:23 a.m.
The first step to take if you wish to share your dancing skills is to figure out how and where to do your volunteer teaching.

Passing down talents you have learned, like dance floor skills, is something that can be accomplished through volunteer teaching and participation in community service opportunities. Experience is the best teacher and those with experience are best able to pass along their learned life skills to younger generations. The first step to take if you wish to share your talents is to figure out how and where to do your volunteer teaching.

An informal setting like a church family night or local teen social center is a place where teachers and students alike can relax and feel comfortable in a learning situation. To get involved, first you must track down who is in charge of a group or organization. Start by calling up the general published telephone number of the building or group. You can find this online, in the phone book, or just go ahead and walk in to ask for information.

Once you have contacted the manager, church secretary or group leader, tell them what your dance floor skills are and how you would like share by volunteer teaching of your skills to others, especially young people. Chances are they will be delighted to make arrangements for you to lead a class or participate in an already scheduled event.

Once you have a class scheduled, make a lesson plan. Dress appropriately for the type of dancing you are teaching, and if you need props, like drawings or music, be sure to take them with you to class. From that point on, it's between you and the group. Be friendly, happy and upbeat so everyone feels comfortable. Be ready to show how to perform different dance steps, and to answer questions from your audience.

Have a great time, and be ready for new requests from other local groups as word spreads that you are able to teach dance floor skills. Everybody enjoys music and dancing is an excellent exercise as well as a social event for all ages.

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