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Apr 2, 2013, 11:51 a.m.

When you want free online personal finance software, you'll find many options on the Internet. While it's difficult to identify the best options, the suggestions noted herein are favored by many people, both young and more mature. Remember, "best" is a relative term, meaning different things to different people. What others may consider the "best" free online personal finance software, may not be the "best" for you. Here are some consistently top options.


This highly-regarded online personal finance software, considered to be the best by many observers, permits you to register all of your bank and savings accounts, credit cards and investment accounts in one place. You can securely track and monitor all of your transactions. Filled with lots of financial applications and tools, this software allows you to generate weekly spending reports, email alerts, create personal budgets and set financial goals. Mint also helps you save money, notifying you of spending irregularities, hidden, late and overdraft fees, and credit card rate changes.


Organizing your financial accounts in one location is a vital GreenSherpa feature. You'll also be able to combine this free online personal finance software with the website's personal money management features. Valuable features permit you to record current--and project future--cash flow, synchronize transactions in your accounts, create budgets, track spending, and, even, collaborate with your CPA or financial planner to improve your finances. You can customize your dashboard to deliver the information you want.


Buxfer allows you to download and import transactions from other software, whether they are in Quicken, Excel or MS Money file formats. This feature permits you to move from other online personal financial software to Buxfer without losing time, patience or transactions. With mobile applications for iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile powered smartphones, you can take Buxfer with you.


This software also acts as your personal financial assistant. MoneyStrands gives you the ability to import synchronized accounts, including credit cards, bank accounts, and personal or business loans online into one personal finance location. With synchronization comes the ability to keep your balances and spending data up-to-date, while identifying potential cash flow issues. Creating budgets, tracking spending, receiving alerts and designing spreadsheets is easy, fast and accurate.

If you find one of these you like, use it. Should you still wish to search, other popular sites are Rudder, Thrive, Mvelopes and HelloWallet . Finding the best online personal financial software for you will take a little time, but save you lots of time and money in the future.

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