How to make a healthy candle-lit dinner for two

Feb 11, 2013, 8:36 a.m.
Rekindle romance with a healthy candle-lit dinner for two.

Romance might be defined as doing something special for another with great care and attention simply because you care for them. Discovering a new romantic gesture that's not been worn out over time can be challenging after many years of marriage. Health related sexual performance problems, a man's inability to achieve erections in old age and women's health issues can put further dampers on expressing love and romance.

However with a little enthusiasm and creativity you can create a warm, romantic evening together...simply because you care.

Choose your recipe. Vegetarian, fish, chicken and lean pork dishes all fit the bill for a healthy meal. Equally important, choose a meal your partner especially enjoys.

Set the table with a fine tablecloth and your best dishes and utensils -- the ones usually reserved for company or special occasions.

Music helps set a romantic mood too. Does your partner favor a certain genre? Tune in an appropriate music channel or load a CD in the player. Set the volume down low so it provides a pleasant background.

If your partner enjoys a glass of wine or a cocktail, be sure to include a bottle of the favored wine or to stir up that favorite mixed drink.

With the meal planned, music selections made and adult beverages provided, it's time to dim the lights and light the candles.

Attitude is everything! If you feel that preparing this special meal is all about your partner -- a gift to him or her -- you've found the perfect attitude. With a little forethought you can enjoy a special evening together filled with appreciation for one another and expressions of your love.

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