Advice for the Over-50 Crowd

Gayle Lagman-Creswick | Mar 18, 2013, midnight

Dear Old Bag: Where could I get a copy of the “Old Bag Rules for Casual Dating for the Over 50 Crowd?” Signed, Girlfriend Disagrees

Dear Disagrees: Because I have had several requests for them, I will repeat them next month. However, the rules are meant for casual dating. If she is your girlfriend, I do not call that casual. It should then be a mutual agreement between the two of you. Good luck. Signed, O.B.

Dear Old Bag: I am fed up reading about the glut of sexual activity among single seniors. And now they say that AIDS is on the increase in the elderly. Have we lost our marbles? It is embarrassing to me that people our age (I am 60) have to act like rabbits! Signed, Fed Up

Dear Fed Up: It is important to get the word out to all seniors that just because you can’t get pregnant, doesn’t mean you cannot contract a venereal disease or AIDS. We are told to talk to our kids about having “responsible sex.” The same goes for the over 50 crowd. Pay attention! Signed, O.B.

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