Choose Joint Replacement Surgery and Improve your Quality of Life

Oct 14, 2013, 11:25 a.m.

• Therapeutic Pool: Wellsprings offers a state of the art aquatic pool designed to effectively use resistance of water to promote healing. The warm water allows for the patient to work in a buoyant environment where gravity is eliminated. Our Guests are then able to increase range of motion and decrease joint compression forces. By using a combination of buoyancy and resistance, Guests are able to improve posture, flexibility, strength, balance, aerobic endurance and gait, while inhibiting pain and muscle spasm.

The Wellsprings therapy department also utilizes Dartfish technology, a video analysis software using high speed cameras that film movement to provide instant visual feedback to our Guests. It helps doctors and therapists better communicate to their patients, so they understand the corrective measures they need to make to recover. Using the filming technology we are able to analyze progress on a day to day basis and send these results to the physician and orthopedic surgeon for further review.

IPC physician and Wellsprings physiatrist Dr. Merkel said: “Wellsprings focuses on custom individualized rehabilitation plans for each of their patients. After a treatment plan is in place they are able to use the many tools in their gym to help strengthen and heal their patients for a quick return home”.

Like any medical decision, when considering Joint Replacement or Joint Revision surgery you must weigh the pros and cons, and always consult with your physician before finalizing your decision. However when living with severe pain or joint damage starts to affect your daily activities, surgery may be your best option. Rehabilitation is a crucial step in a successful joint replacement in the following days, weeks, and even months after one’s surgery.

Our professional and experienced staff are at the core of our care-giving and your rehabilitation experience. Welcome to the Wellspring Path, a path you will not walk alone.

Contact Wellsprings to schedule a consult for your post-surgical needs.

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