Journeys: Marge Charlton

True-life tales from some of Arizona’s most fascinating residents.

Lancer’s Spinach Salad

Because June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, let’s grab a green and make magic out of it! Fresh spinach is so plentiful right now and, because spinach salad continues to be an all-time favorite, I want to share a recipe that was a signature dish many years ago at our family restaurant, “D’Atri’s” at Lake Tahoe, Calif.

Five Generation Chocolate ‘Eureka’ Cake

Eureka! I’ve discovered a decadent, rich and moist chocolate cake with a smooth and creamy chocolate frosting just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Advice for the Over-50 Crowd

Dear Old Bag: I enjoy your column and was very happy for you to hip women upon paying their own way on dates, or at least offering to share the high cost of entertainment. Yes, we wanted equality which means pay for your own! I would like you to take on another challenging issue.

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The ‘Looking Down Generation’

The teenage boy stepped off the curb into the street as I was approaching in my car. I hit the brakes and he kept on walking, continuing to look down at his hand-held, palm-sized electronic device and all but oblivious to everything around him.

Spring Training Sausage and Peppers

You never really know exactly when something becomes a ritual, but we know for certain that Cactus League in Arizona is one of our most cherished rites of spring.

Tech challenged? Get yourself schooled with an educational technology grant

Don’t be left out when you can get schooled with an educational technology grant. End your tech challenges now with a grant or scholarship for seniors.

Momma’s Minestrone Soup

I came across an article on a natural news website recently about victory gardens. It said that during World War II, 20 million family gardens were producing 8 million tons of food that helped provide nourishment needed by soldiers to keep them fighting strong.

Can my cell phone get a virus?

Have you ever considered that your cell phone may be able to get a virus? Learn how to protect your smartphone with virus protection.

Two great ways to have fun online with your computer

Must read tips and advice on how to use two of the fastest growing websites of all time that will turn your computer into an exciting funbox anytime of the day or night.

Older adults realize physical and mental health benefits from Pilates

Older adults can enjoy mental and physical benefits from Pilates, an exercise that incorporates the health benefits of yoga and weight training with simple routines.

How to start a community fundraiser for breast cancer

Did you know you can organize and implement a community fund raiser to fight breast cancer? Here's a quick guide to the steps you need to take.

Beginning falconry requires important paraphernalia

If you want to take up falconry as a hunting sport or hobby, there is an important list of equipment you need along with required permits and training. Here’s a short list of paraphernalia used in falconry training.

Explore environmental volunteer opportunities as a way to share your love of nature

With more time on your hands, share your love of nature through environmental volunteer opportunities. Teach at a children education center or go on an environmental volunteer vacation.

Is it worth buying the iPhone 5?

Deciding to buy iPhone 5 is a good choice if you use smartphone apps and abilities. It's expensive if you just make and receive calls, only.