How to use LinkedIn to promote your business

Using social media for business is easy; start networking by creating your own webpage on LinkedIn, one of the most popular social media websites targeted to business interests.

International job search: Explore career opportunities abroad

Find a career abroad and take advantage of your freedom to explore your opportunities and begin your new career today.

The importance of social security for senior women

Women aged 62 and over receive 60 percent of Social Security benefits paid in the US.

Looking for a second career? Home health aides jobs are exploding in growth

Becoming a home health aide is an excellent second career choice with plenty of job opportunities expected for the future.

Are bulk buy memberships worth the cost?

Wholesale club stores do not only offer great deals on things to buy in bulk, but they also have everyday low prices on other items you may use that are not sold in bulk quantities.

Scam alert! Keeping your social security benefits safe from scammers and thieves

Find out what the most common social security theft scams and keep yourself alerted to the actions of those who’d seek to defraud you.

Green jobs abound! How to find an eco-friendly job

Use the Internet, colleges and universities, local environmental non-profits and green job boards to find eco-friendly employment opportunities.

Social Security: Not just for retired workers!

Retired workers are not the only ones who can collect Social Security benefits. Disabled workers, spouses and dependents may also be eligible. Learn more about benefits.

New federal regulations bring better job protection for over-55 workers

Learn about new federal regulations that were put into place by the EEOC to protect the rights over over-55 workers.

Workaholic? You can still work and claim Social Security

There are many benefits to working while claiming social security benefits or disability. Learn the facts about work income and how it can affect your SSA benefits.

Underwater? How HARP can help

Are you underwater in your home? If so, you may want to take a closer look at the U.S. government’s HARP program to help you refinance.

Myths and facts of reverse mortgages

The myths with Reverse Mortgages are exactly that, myths.

Social Security: Check your COLA in 2012

For the first time in three years, the social security outlook includes a COLA 2012, but it is a modesl 2.6 percent.

Tips for paying your bills safely online

Learn a few helpful tricks to ensure that when you pay your bills online, you’re doing so securely and not exposing yourself to identify theft.

Basic accounting tips for the self-employed retiree

The retiree who is self employed can benefit from basic accounting tips. Keeping accurate records is important for financial and legal reasons.