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Slender or musclebound? How to tell one health supplement from the next

Vitamins and supplements are made differently and for different reasons. Knowing which will work for you could mean good health or an adverse health reaction.

Swimming your way to a younger you

Swimming on a regular basis can make you feel younger, and revitalized and is also among the doctor recommended exercises to help relieve back pain.

How to stay in style and keep your eyes sharp: The importance of sunglasses in cataract prevention

As we age, eye problems increase, including cataracts. Fortunately, this problem can be treated by wearing stylish UV ray filtering sunglasses to match your wardrobe.

How to pig out and stay slim: Exploring delicious, lean recipes

Learn how you can chow down and pig out on healthy food by eating six times every day while remaining slim, trim and even losing weight in the process.

How not to let a mastectomy ruin your love life

A mastectomy does not have to mean the end of your love life. Losing a breast is not what love or sex is all about in the first place. A loving partner will help you celebrate life.

The statistics on breast cancer indicate the key to survival is early detection

Statistics on breast cancer show the importance of early detection of the disease and each and every woman should take their breast health seriously.

5 ideas to enjoy life to the fullest while fighting cancer

Your fight against cancer can be enhanced if you take time to enjoy life to the fullest. Stay happy and healthy for the best fighting attitude.

4 reasons not to get breast augmentation

There are many reasons you should not undergo breast augmentation surgery. Here are a few reasons family physician Dr. Leong is against the surgery.

Pumping iron: How lifting weights can lower your blood pressure

Did you know that pumping iron can serve to decrease your body’s blood pressure? Learn how to get started on a healthy weightlifting regimen.

Research finds brachytherapy and radiation treatment may lead to complications in treatment of early stage breast cancer

If you have the misfortune of being recently diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, there are some new female health concerns about treatment therapies and the risk of complications that you should be aware of.

Medical Maze

Love it or hate it—if you can even understand it—the new health care reform is coming. Arizona health care professionals tell us what changes we can expect.

What are the tests used to diagnose breast cancer?

If you have been told you need additional testing to diagnose breast cancer, do not be afraid and get the tests done quickly. Early diagnosis has the best outcome.

How to deal with chronic back pain without resorting to drugs

As an alternative to using drugs to relieve chronic back pain, many people turn to alternative therapies like exercise, chiropractic, diet and nutritional supplements. Strengthening the back can bring relief for some.

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Why prostate surgery might not be the answer

Find out what recent studies tell us about the survival rate of men who have their prostates removed, as opposed to those who don’t, when cancer is detected.

Debunking the top sun and skin safety myths

Over exposure to the sun can be harmful to our skin, but sometimes it is hard to know the difference between the real dangers and the skin safety myths. Get the facts here.