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Is there such a thing as "male menopause"?

According to doctors, males can experience the same symptoms that women experience during menopause. Find out what the symptoms of male menopause are.

Let the Sighs Begin

You might feel a gradual welling up of pleasure, or boredom, or misery. Whatever the emotion, it’s more abundant than you ever dreamed. You can no more contain it than your hands can cup a river. And so you surrender and suck the air. Your esophagus opens, diaphragm expands. Poised at the crest of an exhalation, your body is about to be unburdened, second by second, cell by cell. A balloon deflates. A kettle hisses. Your shoulders fall while muscles slack — at last.

Top 5 foods to eat for better bone strength

Maintaining strong bones can be accomplished with proper diet of calcium rich foods like dairy products, milk, fortified orange juice, fish, greens and with foods that also provide Vitamin D.

Symptoms and signs of breast cancer

Knowing the signs and symptoms of breast cancer can help save your life and put you on a path to recovery.

Avoid the extreme, but beware of household cancer causing items

Narrowing down the list of cancer causing products can be difficult. This article corrects some of the rumors related to chemicals causing cancer.

Heath concerns for women over 50

All women experience health issues no matter what their age is, but for mature women, unfortunately there are likely to be a few more female health concerns to look out for.

Keep your blood pressure under control

Not all seniors are troubled by hypertension or other blood related problems, but it is a complication for many. These four lifestyle changes show you how to drop your blood pressure.

Your health risks as a caregiver

Home health caregivers often are risking their own health as they care for loved ones. The caregiver chores can present danger to mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Foods that may prevent dementia

If you’re worried about dementia or Alzheimer’s as you grow older, consider padding your diet with these top 5 Alzheimer-fighting foods.

Eating by colors: The darker the food, the better it is for you

A simple way to improve your eating habits is to choose darker colors when you shop; colorful foods are nutritionally better for you.

What You Can Do To Alleviate Menopause Symptoms

As women enter their 40s and 50s, it’s inevitable. Menopause will begin. And so will the hot flashes.

Boomers Keep Eyes Healthy with ‘Internal Sunglasses’

Independence and aging well is something we all hope for as we grow older, but things like healthy vision are often taken for granted until they are lost or impaired. Baby boomers ― those born between 1946 and 1964, represent a rapidly aging population unprecedented in the history of this country. Unfortunately, this group is susceptible to a host of vision risks.

Too much protein could increase your risk of prostate cancer

Research is being conducted to determine if high protein levels could result in a greater risk of prostate cancer. Learn more about fascinating development.

The pros and cons of buying vision health insurance

Sometimes, paying for vision insurance plan may be a waste of money – especially if you won’t be using it. Learn some of the pros and cons of vision insurance.

Super Summer Snacks with Grapes

Early summer marks the beginning of the California grape season. These bite-size treats are the perfect snack — crisp, sweet and only 90 calories per 3/4 cup serving. Grapes are also very juicy, making them a welcome source of hydration as outdoor activities and temperatures increase.