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Super Summer Snacks with Grapes

Early summer marks the beginning of the California grape season. These bite-size treats are the perfect snack — crisp, sweet and only 90 calories per 3/4 cup serving. Grapes are also very juicy, making them a welcome source of hydration as outdoor activities and temperatures increase.

Can the occasional spirit increase your risk of breast cancer?

Recent studies indicate that the connection between alcohol consumption and breast cancer are more dangerous than suspected, especially for women over 50. Even a single cocktail or glass of wine each evening is actually enough to increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

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Ask the Expert: Hospitalists Focus on In-Patient Care

Question: When I was in the hospital, I was visited by a “hospitalist.” What exactly is a hospitalist?

The Lasting Effect of Lifestyle Changes in Preventing Diabetes

For years, medical studies have shown that lifestyle and dietary changes could provide long-lasting protection against Type II or Adult Onset Diabetes, but doctors weren’t sure for how long. Now, in a study just published in The Lancet journal, the longest follow-up of patients from the Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group provides more clarification.

Aging can be a pain in the back: Activities to keep your back strong

Find out what you can do to prevent from developing serious back issues as you age, and what kinds of exercises will help chase existing pain away.

Reducing your risk of breast cancer

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women in America. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer that all women should be aware of so that they can make the effort to stay healthy. It is also a smart idea to be aware of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer so that you can get an early screening if needed.

Understanding gynecomastia: Common causes of the male breast

The development of the male breast can have a variety of causes. Learn what those causes are and what the chances of developing breast cancer are.

The overwhelming beneficial impact of yearly mammograms

The benefits of yearly mammograms far outweigh the uncomfortable test procedures women have to deal with. Yearly mammograms can reduce the risk of dying from breast cancer by 35%.

The Fabric of Fitness

You’re not supposed to still be running around a tennis or basketball court — or even, for that matter, running around the block — once you’re old enough to qualify for the senior discount at the movie theater.

The importance of the high testosterone diet

High testosterone is necessary to building muscle and burning fat. Find out which foods you can take to increase the level of testosterone in your body.

The link between colorectal cancer and high blood sugar in postmenopausal women

New research from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC, indicates that women with elevated glucose levels are more likely to develop colorectal cancer.

Facts and myths about anti-aging

Tips for anti aging that include ingredients that can't be found in a wrinkle cream.

Top myths about adults 55+ and exercise

Are preconceived notions about exercise in your mature years keeping you from getting fit? If so, find out what some of the top senior exercise myths are.

Tips on getting rid of menopausal weight

Women need not fear menopausal weight gain. Some experts say it is beneficial, but excessive weight gain is not healthy. Here are some tips for preventing problems of menopause.

What's your risk of fracture?

Over 25 million senior women are at risk of osteoporosis and the known consequences. FRAX helps determine low bone density and the associated risk of bone fracture.