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Tips on getting rid of menopausal weight

Women need not fear menopausal weight gain. Some experts say it is beneficial, but excessive weight gain is not healthy. Here are some tips for preventing problems of menopause.

What's your risk of fracture?

Over 25 million senior women are at risk of osteoporosis and the known consequences. FRAX helps determine low bone density and the associated risk of bone fracture.

What is andropause and should you be worried about it?

Men from age 40 and up tend to worry about male menopause and related andropause symptoms. Brief description of the problem with recommendations that include seeing a doctor.

How to choose the right walking shoes

When it comes to best walking shoes learn the difference between comfortable walking shoes versus brogans that turn a 50-mile walk into a battle with monster-sized blisters.

Sun protection tips

Senior women should use sun protection products and follow simple sun safety tips to enjoy sunny activities without damaging skin. Helpful protection tips and product recommendation.

Do women experience more pain than men?

Who experiences more pain once they reach the 55+ age group: Men or women? Stanford University School of Medicine reports women do, but there's one big caveat yet to be answered...

What causes muscle loss and what can you do about it?

At the age of 75, the body begins to lose muscle at a rapid rate. Learn what steps you can take to slow down the advance of muscle loss as you get older.

How smoking could render you impotent

A healthy sex life comes from healthy habits: Quit smoking to reduce your chances of impotence; medical study links smoking to erectile dysfunction.

Can You Hear Me Now?

In a fourth-season episode of Seinfeld, a wheelchair salesman tries out a comically over-enthusiastic sales pitch on George and Kramer, entrusted with purchasing a wheelchair to replace one they were inadvertently responsible for destroying.

Three great exercises for 55+ women

Staying fit in your senior years isn't always easy. These three exercises can keep you strong and flexible at any age.

Vitamin D explained: Why it's so important

Vitamin D is critical to ensuring strong, healthy bones in senior adults. Learn the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency to determine if you’re at risk.

Breast cancer risks: Not just a lady's concern

Breast cancer in men is not unheard of, and male breast cancer can be hard to detect without a breast cancer risk assessment and biopsy. Learn about breast cancer risk factors and treatments.

Understanding and treating female hair loss

Female pattern baldness is actually more common than you might think. Here's everything you need to know about hair loss in women.

Keep Your Mental Edge as You Age

If you’ve ever walked into a room to look for something but forgot what you were looking for, you’re familiar with the feelings of forgetfulness and frustration.

Get back into the game: How SilverSneakers could help you get active again

Don’t have enough room in your budget for a gym membership? Become a member of SilverSneakers and get through the door for free.