Best egg nog recipes from around the web

Our guide to the best egg nog recipes, including cooked egg, eggless and retro versions.

How to choose flowers for New Year's eve and make them last

Fresh flowers are a simple and elegant way to decorate your home for a New Year's celebration. Whether you choose from popular winter flowers or your own favorites, the trickiest part is making them last more than a few days.

Best holiday cookies for 2012

Are you tired of the same old holiday cookies? Chocolate chip cookies might be delicious, but they aren't different. Here are some fresh ideas for 2012!

The teetotaler's guide to the best non-alcoholic holiday drinks

Drinkers and non-drinkers alike can toast the holidays with a collection of the best non alcoholic drinks for New Years and even sugar free, non alcoholic drinks.

5 songs to put you both in the mood for love

Music, the universal language of love, can be used to help put you and your partner both in the mood for love. Here are 5 favorites to add to your hit list for romance.

Organic skin toner recipes for the DIY crowd

The best skin toners can be made at home using organic enzyme rich ingredients. Learn how to make 3 organic skin care products for oily, normal and sensitive skin.

Fireproof Your Home This Season

‘Tis the season for at-home entertaining—food, friends, family, fun and yes, even fires.

Colorize it! Bringing new life to your old home

Use color changes to liven up your old home. Change one room or all; use color to freshen up and bring in new life to dreary old spaces.

Chicago Teacher Strike Kicks Students to the Curb

On Sept. 10, thousands of Chicago public-school teachers went on strike, leaving some 350,000 students without schooling and forcing parents to decide whether to stay home from work, fork out the extra money for childcare, or leave their children at home to fend for themselves.

Why Obama Will Lose on Nov. 6

In all the years writing this column, I have never entered into the minefield of prognostication. But I’m going to take that step now.

Looking Back

During a recent rainy day in Phoenix, I began reading the journal I kept when my husband, Michael, was dealing with esophageal cancer.

Advice for the Over-50 Crowd

Dear Old Bag: I salute the “Solution-Minded” person who wrote a letter last month suggesting that we turn illegal immigrants into the solution, rather than the problem.

Making memorization fun: Tips and tricks to strengthening your memory

Use tricks and simple tips to improve your memory and to stop your memory from playing tricks on you. Medicare benefits will also pay for some memory improvement programs.

Six Time-Saving Kitchen Tools

Our lives are busier than ever. Trying to balance the demands of work and home life is no easy feat.

Benefits of using natural toner for the skin

Most beauty experts indicate that using a natural toner is the most important step in the ideal beauty regimen, and it is the key to maintaining a youthful glow as we age.