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Tips on bonding with your newly acquired adult stepchildren

Getting along with adult stepchildren can require years of work, but can be rewarding. Begin with friendship and respect.

Dating for companionship vs. romance

Age is not a factor to dating for romance, sex, or companionship. Relationships are different. Decide which kind makes you happiest.

Shared Sacrifice, Leadership by Example Missing

“If everybody took an attitude of shared sacrifice, we could solve our deficit and debt problem next week.” So said President Barack Obama.

Tips on choosing stylish and protective sunglasses

Sunglasses should be more than just stylish. Read our tips on how to look good this summer while protecting your eyes.

Foods to improve your memory

It’s possible to eat your way to improved memory. Find out what five of the most effective memory improving foods are.

Can feng shui really fire up your love life?

Use Feng Shui design in the bedroom to fire up your love life. Simple decorating techniques use Feng Shui for love enhancement and set the stage for romance and excitement.

The Private Sector is Not “Doing Fine”

President Obama’s recent remark that “the private sector is doing fine” has become a magnet for criticism. Opponents have, and rightfully so, exploited the President’s “out-of-touch” view toward the U.S. economy, asserting that his big government approach to 8 percent unemployment centers only on the public-sector.

Advice for the Over-50 Crowd

Dear Old Bag: You know, lady, I’m so tired of this thing you stated in one of your advice answers (Lovin’ Life After 50, June 2012). They were only looking for illegals that break the law?

Unexpected Treasures

mag·net \'mag-nət\ n. 1. An object that is surrounded by a magnetic field and that has the property, either natural or induced, of attracting iron or steel.

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Which cosmetic surgery procedures are covered by your health insurance?

You may have insurance for cosmetic surgery when your doctor deems these procedures are necessary to improve your health.

My Favorite Summer Salads

The hotter it gets, the lighter the fare. That’s how we survive and stay nourished during July in Arizona.

No yard? No room inside? No problem. The DIY patio garden

Don’t allow apparent problem of having no yard or a small living space keep you from enjoying a DIY patio garden. Patio gardens fit anywhere, even into the smallest areas.

Tackling the challenges of the blended family

How do grandparents deal with the conflicts associated with step families, including step grandchildren. Raising a blended family from the second tier – a grandparent’s struggle.

Relationship maintenance tips for long-haul couples

Do you wonder why some couples stay together and others fail to go the distance? Here are some tips from proven couples.

Moving to warmer climes? Home staging tips to fast track your home for a quick sale

Selling your home is no easy task. Staging it, though, can help you sell your residence faster and for more dollars.