3 things you should know before you go on vacation overseas

If you are planning an overseas vacation to Europe, South America or Asia, here are the key things you'll want to know before you leave.

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Touring America's UFO hotspots: An out of this world road trip

Spice up your next American road trip with a visit to your nearest UFO hotspot. Sightings have occurred across the country; there are locations near your home town.

Home protection checklist for the departing vacationer

Going on vacation but worried about burglars or home emergencies? Find out what steps you should take to keep your home well protected while you’re away.

5 cheap vacation spots off the beaten track

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The pros and cons of buying travel insurance

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Cruising in Style

The steward knocks on the door of our cabin. “Your breakfast, ma’am,” he says. “Perhaps you’d like to eat on the veranda.”

The need-know about vacationing in Germany

A German vacation offers you the opportunity to visit unique and interesting sites that include medieval cities, historic castles, popular beer halls, and modern cities full of excitement.

Traveling without insurance: What are the risk involved?

Traveler’s insurance acts as a hedge against worst-case travel scenarios. Here are 5 reasons to purchase traveler’s insurance.

Best places to visit this Fall

Some of the country's most famous spots are also the most popular in October, offering breathtaking views of fall foliage.

Travelers' packing checklist: Top 10 things to do before your road trip

Follow this simple road trip packing checklist. You can’t prevent road trip emergencies from happening, but you can reduce the possibilities of getting caught unprepared.

Top attractions in and around Shanghai

No visit to Shanghai is complete without visiting these popular top attractions in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Northern lights: Where to see the best light show

If you ever wanted to see nature at its best, plan to see the northern lights. Several countries claim to have the best spots for viewing.

Things to do and see in Yellowstone National Park

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Summer travel tips: How to save your skin while catching rays

Do you want to enjoy sitting by the beach this summer without needlessly harming your skin?