Ask Marisa: It’s never too late to start over

By Marisa Peer Dear Marisa: I am 56 and after my children flew the nest and left for college last year, my partner of 30 years and I split up. We realized that even though we still have love for one another, we had only stayed together for the sake of the children and have […]


Leibo At Large: Bumper stickers say too much about drivers

By David Leibowitz After a few thousand miles this year spent driving Arizona’s interstates, I’ve come to a conclusion: There are two kinds of people left in this fine nation of ours. People who slap bumper stickers on their car. And normal people. As someone who belongs to the latter group, I’ve spent many a […]


Ask Marisa: Destructive dieting can be quelled

By Marisa Peer Dear Marisa, I have struggled with my weight all my life. However, my mother used food to show love to her children, so that has led me to comfort eat whenever I am upset. Despite trying every diet under the sun and joining weight-loss communities, as soon as I reach my target […]


Don’t Be a Victim: Learn ‘what scammers don’t want you to know’

By Allison Brown Scammers have tried to trap Ruth Johnson dozens of times, so many times that she learned their tricks. So, she created Scams and Me, a company through which she shares her personal experiences to help others avoid being scammed. “I try to educate and protect the public with my public speaking presentations […]


What’s Cooking? Nutella swirl-top Rice Krispies treats

By Jan D’Arti I love a company with a sense of humor. This week I found myself in the grocery aisle staring at the shelf and giggling from ear to ear. There, was a row of Nutella jars. They’re always next to the peanut butter, but this time there was something very different. Each Nutella […]


Gardening: Keeping Blooms Fresh, Deadheads are more than music fans

By Natalie Gilliland Poppies Flower Shop If you are anything like me, once the temperatures start to make that steady climb up, I immediately dread the hot summer days ahead! However, we can still do some minimal gardening to keep our landscaping looking nice and to keep our homes looking fresh with fresh blooms. This […]


Hospice Is Hope: Memory Café connects families on dementia journey

By Lin Sue Flood Hospice of the Valley When Tim Shaffer’s wife, Diana, was diagnosed with dementia, both their lives changed. In the blink of an eye, he became her caregiver. Suddenly, Tim was the one responsible for keeping her safe and meeting her daily needs. “I was looking for answers, trying to figure out […]


The Healthy Geezer: The average for ALS diagnosis is 55

By Fred Cicetti Is ALS an old-person’s disease, or does it affect every age group? Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) usually strikes between the ages of 40 and 70, but there have been cases of it in young adults, children and older people. The average age for getting ALS is 55. ALS is known as Lou […]


Words with Friends: Howard Jones, Midge Ure share ‘Dialogue’

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski Howard Jones didn’t let the pandemic get him down too much. He used the remedy of music to get him through it. The result is a new studio album, “Dialogue,” which is set for release later this summer. “I’m not giving anybody any respite at all with these tracks,” Jones says. “They’re […]


Drink Green? These wines are sustainable and sensational

By Alison Bailin Batz Many wines have stickers on them lauding that they have been biodynamically farmed or are certified sustainable. But what does that mean? To hundreds of wineries across the West Coast, it means treating the land with respect and protecting our precious natural resources, be it water, soil or animal life nearby. […]


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