Age gracefully, with the help of SottoPelle therapy

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By Alison Stanton

Depression. Fatigue. Loss of libido and mental clarity.

These are just a few of the classic symptoms of menopause.

CarolAnn Tutera, owner of SottoPelle, is familiar with all of these.

When she was 42, she had all of the signs of menopause and looked for something that might help.

Tutera says she found relief from her symptoms with the help of SottoPelle, a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy method that involves inserting pellets the size of a grain of rice under the skin.

When administered properly, she says the pellet delivery system helps provide an effective bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that closely mirrors the human ovary.

“After I started on the pellets, I immediately saw a big difference in my skin. People thought I had a facelift,” Tutera says.

“Now, at 65, I feel more healthy, alive, and have more vitality.”

SottoPelle first started in 1993 in Rancho Mirage, California. Tutera’s late husband, Dr. Gino Tutera, began to treat his patients with pellet therapy, where he developed the individual dosing that is widely used today.

“We came to Arizona in 2004 and expanded to other locations around the Phoenix area, as well as Prescott and Tucson. We train others how to use this method in Arizona and around the world,” Tutera says.

While the therapy has been around since 1937, Tutera says that not all pellets are created equally. Every 503B outsourcing facility has its recipe on producing a pellet. Dr. Tutera worked with pharmacists to have them develop his desired specifications for patient individualization and worked to have the highest percentage of pure hormones.

In 1993, Dr. Tutera, the pioneer of individualized dosing for patients, created the means to make sure not everyone received the same dose.

Tutera Medical works with women and men, some as young as 35, many of whom are dealing with the same symptoms she had experienced in her early 40s.

Tutera says she is proud of the number of referrals that she receives from current patients’ friends and families. She thoroughly enjoys learning about the success that others have had with the pellet therapy.

“I love hearing the stories people share when they feel the difference of being on pellets. They never knew how bad they felt before,” she says.

“It is about aging gracefully—something we want all to experience.”

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