American Vision Windows cares about its customers

By American Vision Windows

Bill and Kathleen Herren started out as ordinary customers, looking to upgrade their home with replacement windows and patio doors.

They lived in a home with a new baby and lackluster windows. Bill even put matchbooks in between the window and the frame to keep them from rattling. Kathleen, on the other hand, put towels underneath the windows to keep drafts from making the baby cold.

When they began the journey of getting new windows, they found many companies were dismissive. A company even installed flimsy, single-strength windows that shattered when one of the kids leaned his rocking chair against it.

The Herrens decided to open their own company, American Vision Windows, 20 years ago. More than 1 million windows installed later, the company is the No. 1 window replacement company in California. With a recent expansion into Arizona, the couple has an ongoing commitment to providing the kind of selection and service they had personally hoped to find.

From bay windows and garden windows to energy-efficient options, the company specializes in a wide range of high-quality window replacement and installation needs. Even from the first contact, clients are carefully guided through every step of the process until their windows are installed, their goals are met and their expectations are exceeded.

American Vision Windows was founded to help people feel cared for as they received the window installation service they needed. And it seems that their customers feel just that, because American Vision continues to grow. When it comes to choosing window and bath replacements, customers can feel confident with American Vision Windows and American Vision Baths.

American Vision Baths has a complete line of high-quality, affordable accessibility products that can be customized to any bathroom or budget. Adapting a home to meet the needs of a family’s changing lifestyle will make many day-to-day tasks simple and safe. Whether it’s a walk-in bath, tub-to-shower conversion, walk-through insert or barrier-free shower base, customers can feel confident that the company has the perfect options. It even has a wide range of safety accessories to help make bathing safer and more comfortable.

At American Vision, “revolutionizing the home improvement industry, one customer at a time” isn’t just a motto; it’s a driving force.