Ask Gabby Gayle: COVID-19 no ‘myth’

Close-up Of Male Doctor Filling The Medical Form

Dear Readers:

I received a very long letter from a gentleman with the initial M, who stated he could not wear a mask due to lung damage and breath insufficiency. He further stated that he carries a card from his cardiologist and pulmonologist stating that he cannot wear a mask. He claims that he has been refused service at numerous private businesses because he cannot wear a mask. He states that he disagrees with the mayor’s office that they cannot tell a private business what to do. He further states that he believes the CDC has debunked the theory that masks protect the wearer and others. He believes he is not being let inside these places because of his disability. He states he will not buy anything online because he was hacked, and he does not let anyone else pick out his food. He also mentioned that he had been assaulted several times for refusing to wear a mask.

Dear Mr. M: I read your letter at least six times. I also asked my son who is a doctor to read it. There was a lot of detail in your letter that space does not allow me to repeat in full. After studying your situation, I disagree with your statement that the CDC has debunked the theory that masks are necessary. In fact, some specialists are recommending two masks to protect from the new variant of viruses that are so easily spread!

The one thing that jumps out to me is this: Here is a man that has damaged lungs, who must not catch this horrible virus, and he is wanting to go into places where he will be exposed to it, and he is not wearing a mask. I am worried for your health. I am old, I am immunocompromised like you, and because I do not want the virus, I do not go into grocery stores, I do not go into anyplace I do not have to go. I order everything online or drive-thru service. I always wear a mask. I wash my hands. I do not even get to enjoy my family because they do not want to expose me. Mr. M. please think of your health. You do not want this virus. I have lost three friends to this virus. It is real. With your health problems, you need to be extra careful. Give a little. Order online. When it is over you will be alive and can have your freedom back. I wish you well.

Signed, GG

Dear Gabby Gayle:  Recently you had a letter from a reader who was ready to move into an assisted living place and her husband was dragging his feet. Part of your advice was to tell him you were going to move without him, which was good advice. I want to tell you that I went a step further and signed us both up for a good place and told him the date we would be moving.  He was mad at me for a day then accepted it. We have lived here for six weeks, and he has not only accepted it, but he met an old friend here and he seems to be enjoying it. Sometimes one spouse or the other needs to make a firm stand!

Signed, MB

Dear MB: Thanks for writing. I agree. Change comes hard to most of us, and sometimes we do need someone to give us a whack on the side of the head (figuratively)!

Signed, GG

Dear Gabby Gayle: I am engaged to a wonderful guy and I have agreed to move into his home, which is much larger than my condo. While planning to move in with him I see he is reluctant to change his decor/arrangements to accommodate my things. The whole thing has me wondering if this is a sign of disagreements to come. What do you think?

Signed, Wondering

Dear Wondering: I do believe this could be a sign of trouble to come! Maybe you two are one of those couples who marry and each stays put in their own place, but they visit each other. Smile! Iron it out now before you marry!

Signed, GG