Boom Goddess Radio: Three women motivate their peers through their podcast

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

Three urban professionals who migrated to the desert started a podcast with the shared purpose of helping women negotiate life.

Andrea Gould-Marks, Jennifer Davis-Paige and Barbara Peters founded Boom Goddess Radio, a weekly Internet radio show with “real conversations,” they say, about personal growth, family, relationships and sexuality, health, beauty and creative expression.

“Boom Goddess Hour” was recently picked up by Radio Phoenix at It airs from 1 to 2 p.m. Saturdays.

Peters has lived in Tucson for about nine years, previously residing in Florida, Seattle, Long Island and Poland.

“I feel like a person of the world,” Peters says. “I’ve mastered four corners of the country and outside as well.”

With two master’s degrees under her belt, Peters worked for a burgeoning architecture firm and organized two women’s expos. She met her Boom Goddess Radio cohorts three years ago.

“When I turned 50, I worked on identifying my past and what words would guide me through my next phase of life,” she says. “Those words are: learning, creativity and purpose.

“Since I met up with these two, I’ve been living all those words plus. I’m loving the space. I’m knowing what my contribution is.”

A retiree from Amtrak, Davis-Paige tried to help evacuate New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The mayor turned away Davis-Paige and her Amtrak colleagues.

“We were told by the mayor that we weren’t necessary,” she says. “We had to listen to what he wanted us to do. We could have gotten 3,000 people out of harm’s way. After Hurricane Gustav hit the Gulf, Amtrak was under martial law and we did evacuate over 3,000 citizens out of harm’s way and took them to Memphis.”

Psychologist Gould-Marks rounds out the trio.

“We are an evolving group,” Gould-Marks says. “We delve into the depths of the human psyche—what would motivate her, what would bring her out, what would help her with her wellness and ultimately her connections and longevity.”

The three met through networking events in Tucson, specifically the Network of Extraordinary Women.

“The three of us combined have a list of skills similar to the best CEOs in the land,” Davis-Paige says. “We bring people together. We discuss important topics that affect our world and our lives. Currently there are 550,000 podcasts. We haven’t listened to all of them. Very few of them address women under 50. We felt ignored and we needed a place for our voices to be heard.”

Gould-Marks says the podcast was six months in the making.

“We got to know each other,” she says. “I was a stranger to them. We formed a team and researched like crazy, everywhere.”

Boom Goddess Radio has found success. Soon, it will be livestreaming from Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. In early March, Boom Goddess Radio started airing on Radio Phoenix,, from 1 to 2 p.m. Saturdays. The goal, though, is syndication.

“Syndication is all we are pursuing,” Peters says. “After funding this marvelous experience with personal savings, we want to broaden our reach and have the opportunity to build a financial model that will provide support for us individually as well.

“We’re looking to connect with underwriters and advertisers who want to let this amazing program let the world know what you’re all about. We want to help creative souls and ignite their creativity, and interview them through podcasts and videos.”

Those who are interested can email Davis-Paige at