Controlling a Contrary Closet: Tucson business makes organization king

Chris Lunsford, a closet expert with Classy Closets in Tucson, says his products are selling points but, more importantly, an improvement to everyday life. (Noelle Haro-Gomez/Contributor)

By Karen Schaffner

One of the issues of downsizing is the need for organization.

When a retired couple chooses to move into a two-bed/two-bath townhome from a larger family home, they may still have guests, but perhaps they don’t want to give up precious space to a big bed that is only used three times a year.

There is a solution: a Murphy bed.

“You can imagine they’re very popular here in Tucson with retirees,” says Chris Lunsford, a closet expert. “No sense taking up an entire room for (infrequent guests).”

That’s just one organizational solution available these days. As a salesperson for Classy Closets, Lunsford is an organizational expert. He advises and designs solutions for messy and cluttered spaces. For every organizational problem, there’s a solution. It begins, he says, with determining what the space will be used for. First question: What do you need?

“In an aging situation, the beauty of (a custom closet) is it’s universally adjustable so it can transition with you in the different phases of your life,” Lunsford says. “It can be customized for you today, but you can know in the back of your mind that it can adjust.”

For example, rods can be set up to be easily pulled down to make hanging clothes reachable. Rods that slide out from the closet wall can be installed so clothes may be hung outside the closet, again giving them easy access. 

Shelves can be lowered or raised as needed, and drawers can be made to easily slide in and out. Rods are available for ties, belts, scarves, small handbags and hats. 

Chris Lunsford of Classy Closets says he believes there’s a solution to every organizational problem.

Drawer inserts organize jewelry and increase accessibility. Boots may be hung using a clothing pin attached to a hanger. 

“Even wardrobe lifts can be added to assist with reaching,” he says. 

“Any of the sections can be customized and located precisely where it’s needed. That can change over time. That’s the fun of the custom product.”

Organizers are not just for clothes closets. 

“The entire function of the closet can change,” Lunsford says. “It can go from a clothing closet to a storage closet.”

It all comes at a cost, of course. A 6-foot reach-in closet with basic shelves and a few clothing rods with Classy Closets start at $600 installed, but with a limited lifetime warranty. The price increases depending on add-ons and finishes. 

Though the name says closet, the staff designs kitchens, family room entertainment centers, pantries, laundry rooms and offices. Classy Closets has a showroom at 2010 N. Forbes Boulevard.  

Some people might be concerned about their home’s resale value with the added closet organizers.

“More importantly than the selling point, it’s an improvement to your everyday life,” Lunsford says.

Classy Closets

2010 N. Forbes Boulevard, Suite 105, Tucson