Forever a Pop Chick: Sheena Easton will ‘strut’ across the Valle del Oro stage

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

Sheena Easton considers herself a “pop chick.”

She spent the 1980s scoring hit after hit — “Morning Train,” “We’ve Got Tonight,” “Almost Over You,” “Sugar Walls,” “Strut,” “For Your Eyes Only,” “9 to 5” — contributing her fair share to the pop genre.

The Prince collaborator says fans can expect to hear all the hits during her two shows on Wednesday, February 9 at Valle del Oro in Mesa. She’ll throw in a few surprises for good measure.

“I make it a point of doing the hits,” Easton says. “I’ve been to shows where the artists perform a bunch of new material, and they don’t play any of the hits. It’s discouraging.”

The Scottish singer’s tunes still sound fresh and pull at the heartstrings, she contends. Easton, who appeared on “Miami Vice” as Sonny Crockett’s wife, chalks it up to sentimentality.

“When you hear my music or anybody’s music, it brings up memories,” she says. “It’s nostalgic. That happens to me when I listen to music from the 1970s.

“That’s when I was in college and really started listening deeply to stuff. I crank it up and think, ‘This is so awesome.’ My kids look at me like I’m crazy. My son especially really enjoys the musicality of a lot of the ’70s era. He can point out influences in other artists’ works.”

For Easton, the biggest compliment is when fans get excited about her music.

“When the intro starts to one of the hits and I can see the faces in the crowd light up, I enjoy that,” she says.

“It may be a song that isn’t my favorite, but I can see fans really connecting to that particular moment. That gives me new energy. Performing is an amazing thing to be able to do. I really do connect with people right there in the moment.”

Besides the ultimate classics from the 1970s, Easton herself connects with Adele, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and other modern pop acts.

“I tend to be very mainstream in my taste,” says Easton, whose daughter, Skylar, is 26 and son, Jake, is 27. “Having two kids in their twenties, when we get in the car, they turn on their phones and say, ‘Mom, you have to listen to this!’

“It’s usually cool hipster stuff. My son finds incredibly talented people I’ve never heard of who just blow me away. I like that good old pop.”

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What: Sheena Easton

When: 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 9

Where: Valle del Oro RV Resort, 1452 S. Ellsworth Road, Mesa

Cost: $30-$40