Former Arizona Fox 10 weatherman Dave Munsey publishes new book

Dave Munsey, center, who created the Watch Your Kids Around Water program while a local weather newscaster, visits his partner the Southwest Valley YMCA in Goodyear to promote life saving water safety for children. From left to right: T.J. Jones, YMCA instructor Cindy Morney, YMCA swim lesson coordinator Ahniyah Laffitte, 6, Jayda Galtney, 10 Jazlyn Galtney, 6 Dave Munsey Lily Guevarra, 8 Harley Hawkman, 8 Chloie Guevarra, 10 K.J. Moren, YMCA instructor Emily Pickett, YMCA instructor (West Valley View photo by Ray Thomas)

After spending 42 years on Arizona Fox 10 News as a weatherman, Dave Munsey has taken his talents from television to print. Only a year after his retirement from Fox 10, Munsey has published his first book, Munsey Business.

The book focuses on his career, including the memorable interviews and his rise to become one of the best in Phoenix television. While writing the book was entertaining and easy for Munsey, he admits that writing the autobiography was not in his plans. “What happened is, I put stories on Facebook that had happened in my life and people wanted to hear more, telling me I should write a book,” Munsey says. “Then once I began writing, I couldn’t stop.”

The cover of the book has a sentimental meaning to Munsey. Originally, the title of the book was supposed to be Monkey Business. However, when Munsey shared one of his favorite pictures of himself with a monkey, his editor decided the book had to be called Munsey Business.

Munsey says he’s proud of the positivity readers will find in the book. “The most special thing about the book is that there is absolutely nothing negative about it. For the most part, it is very upbeat,” Munsey explains. “I had a lot of fun throughout my career and… I want people to know there are jobs out there that are truly fun.”

Most of the fun Munsey refers to in his autobiography stems from the opportunities he was given to interview celebrities. Among his many interviews, Munsey says he has two favorites. “One was Bob Hope. That was very memorable because it was him. It was very special because of who he was,” Munsey says. “My favorite of all time was Erma Bombeck. She was the funniest person on the face of the Earth. I couldn’t wait to interview her and I was lucky enough to interview her three times, and meet her 12 times. She was a dream.”

Looking back on Munsey’s career, the first thing to come into fans’ minds is the saying “Watch your kids around water.” Munsey ended every weather report with this catchphrase. The five words have a deep meaning to Munsey, which led him to take action in the Arizona community. “It all started in North Dakota. A woman my wife grew up with lost her 2-year-old son in a lake in Minnesota. I wanted to bring the story to Phoenix and I realized we have such a problem with water safety in Arizona.”

After bringing the story back to Phoenix, Munsey looked into water safety. He spoke to a firefighter, who Munsey said was thrilled to see him taking action on the issue. “It then kind of created itself,” Munsey says. “It was something I refused to let go of once we got started. Now it is the best water safety program in the state.”

Munsey expresses his passion for water safety in his book. His fans have shown tremendous support following the release of the book, including high attendance at his previous two book signings. “They were big successes. Nothing is more fun than meeting people who have watched you over the years,” Munsey says, laughing as he reflected on his second book signing. “The first book signing there was a full crowd, but the second there were only 10 people five minutes prior to the start time. I left the room to speak with my wife and returned to a full crowd.”

Moving forward, Munsey jokes that he finally plans on retiring. “I am going to work on pushing my book for a while. I have started two other books. I like to keep my mind fresh. I would like to start something to present next summer,” Munsey says.

After a record-breaking run at Fox 10, Munsey says he learned a lot in his time as a weatherman, but above all he made sure to enjoy his career. “I think the thing that people forget is to enjoy life,” Munsey says. “No matter how hard you’re working, or what is going on, enjoy life. Everyone has to work, so why not enjoy it?”

Now that his book is out, Munsey jokes that he finally plans on retiring. (Photos courtesy Dawning PR)