Gadget Gossip Bed sheets, orthotics and massages

By Annika Tomlin and
Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

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Sheets inevitably come out of the washer and dryer twisted. But bedding has met its match with Wad-Free.

After buying a new washer and dryer, Cyndi Bray found more issues with wadded bed sheets, rather than less. So, she invented Wad-Free and then launched it in June 2020.

“Instead of saving time and energy, I ended up using a whole lot more because every time I tried to dry my sheets they ended up in a great big wad,” Bray says.

The product, which is made in America, is manufactured with a “custom plastic compound” that helps ease the problem.

“Wad-Free attaches to the four corners of both your flat and your fitted sheets before you put them in the washing machine,” Bray explains.

“I think it is easiest to do when you are stripping the bed because the bed is holding the weight of the sheet and you find the four corners easiest that way. Then you put them in the washing machine and the load will run wad-free. Everything will come out cleaner, and the washer won’t go off balance. Then you transfer it into the dryer, where it also runs wad-free, and everything dries the first time up to 75% faster with fewer wrinkles.”

The product, which comes in sets of two, can be used on twin to California king sets. Clothing washed with the sheets won’t get lost in sheets either.

“Some people will go out of their way, even if there is room in the machine, not to add things like their T-shirts, because they usually get wadded up in one of the sheets, so they run two loads,” Bray says.

Two loads equal twice the amount of water, energy and detergent, all of which are cut in half with Wad-Free.

“With Wad-Free, you can put it together and run fewer loads,” Bray says. “It saves water, time and energy — it really adds up.”

Available on Amazon and

The Grommet for $18.99

Soul InSoles

Seniors — and younger folks — suffer from foot, back or body pain, sometimes just because of ill-fitting shoes.

Soul Insoles are bubble orthotic, memory gel insoles designed to relieve pain with biomechanically designed gel insoles that gently guide the foot into proper alignment.

This creates a relaxed, soothing feeling at the arches, heels, ankles, legs and lower back.

Fitting any type of shoe, the product is perfect for those with plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, fat pad atrophy, metatarsalgia, heel pain or overpronation.

A peel and stick adhesive keeps them securely in place; however, they’re washable. The adhesive “returns to new when dry.”

Smells are kept at bay because the insoles are made with nonporous, 100% skin-friendly, soft medical-grade memory gel.

The company uses premium-quality materials to ensure that medium/high arch support insoles will maintain their shape even after years of daily use.

For more information, visit (also available on Amazon).

Available on Amazon for, on average, $18.99


Need even more help with pain? Try Rawlogy’s products, which include “e-cool-logically” cool cork massage balls and rollers. These ultralight, eco-friendly, ethically produced and travel-ready products offer a premium self-massage experience at home or away. (We can vouch for that!)

Available on Amazon for $12.99 and up

Wet Hydration

We all want to look younger. So let Wet Hydration help.

It partners cucumber, lime, collagen and vitamin E for a refreshing beverage containing healthy antioxidants.

Wet Hydration uses ethically sourced collagen and functional ingredients for a drink that has 0 calories and 0 sugars. It’s perfect for those who prefer gluten-free, kosher, keto-friendly and non-GMO products in BPA-free bottles.

$3.32 per bottle on its website


Getting up out of chairs and couches can be a daunting task.

SitnStand was created to help seniors accomplish this, whether they’re recovering from an injury or have weakened muscles.

SitnStand is suitable for any type of chair and has four height levels for inflation. Its ergonomic, air-driven technology delivers a rising flat surface ensuring people with balance and strength inconsistencies can stand without the risk of falls.

Lightweight and portable, SitnStand comes with a rechargeable battery, and the seat cover is washable.

$599 on or its website