Gadget Gossip: Mason-inspired tumblers, recycled chairs and neoprene headbands

By Annika Tomlin

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Highball Shaker

Nothing beats quality time spent outdoors. Unless you can bring the pleasures of home with you. High Camp Flasks is doing just that with its newly launched Highball Shaker to continue its quest to create sweet tumblers for the outdoors.

In 2017, the disruptive drinkware startup released the first two-person cocktail flask for the outdoor bar industry.

The Highball Shaker is a Mason-inspired vacuum-insulated tumbler with a leak-proof lid and the ability to remove the strainer. This is essentially a leak-proof bar glass that can be taken anywhere tumblers are allowed. Take it camping, picnicking, to the beach or to a plethora of other locations.

The shaker stands out because it was engineered to serve as a sleek single beer cooler for when cocktails just do not fit the occasion. The Highball mode fits a 12-ounce can, while the Shaker mode fits a 16-ounce can down to the millimeter.

“We are continuing to create products that allow us to take our favorite drinks outside, without cheapening the drinking experience,” co-founder Nic Barisone explains.

Design engineer and founding partner Whit Gautreaux elaborates on the design inspiration, “Our favorite highball glass that we reach for at home is always a wide-mouth Mason jar. We started out building a stainless steel version of a Mason jar and then ended up with this built-in shaker functionality. We love the symmetry on our home bar and the interchangeability to use it simply as a bar glass.”

Digging deeper into the product features, the strainer design allows for ice to be added. The lid sits directly on top of the strainer, preventing ice from getting on top of the strainer during a vigorous shake.

Barisone adds, “Yes it’s gear and yes it’s barware. It’s designed to look as badass on your home bar as it does on the table at your favorite campsite.”

The Highball Shaker will debut in three colors, including copper, gunmetal and stainless steel, with an additional option to custom laser-engrave the shaker as well.

Highball Shaker

Available on website for $79

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Recycles REPREVE Fabric


Dual Lock Chair

Kijaro created the ultimate outdoor chair perfect for activities like sitting around a bonfire or watching a sporting event. This version of its chair is made from recycled plastic bottles so customers can sit comfortably knowing that they are helping keep the environment cleaner.

The Dual Lock Chair is outfitted with 100% recycled REPREVE Fabric, which is a textile that is created by transforming plastic bottles into polyester. Each chair helps to recycle 19 bottles.

This comes with no-sag seating for ultimate comfort, conveniently folds up for packing and stacking, and has an attached carry strap making it easy to grab and go. Don’t forget about the two mesh cup holders and carry bag.

Recycles REPREVE Fabric

Dual Lock Chair

Available at Walmart for $52.89



Winter is coming, and with that a host of new arrivals will make their way to the desert for the mild winter months. While here, seniors may keep active with an assortment of activities, including tennis, pickleball, bicycling, walking or, of course, golf. Sadly, with keeping active follows the possibility of injury.

Have no fear, DrySee is here. This state-of-the-art new bandage technology is waterproof, breathable and, get this, color changing. Never worry about getting a bandage soaked while swimming or having to constantly change it because you took a shower or got too sweaty.

DrySee changes color if its seal is broken, alerting the wearer that the wound is exposed and the bandage needs to be changed. The perimeter gauze changes color when external fluid breeches the bandages. Additionally, the internal pad will change color when it is saturated with wound fluid. This helps take the guesswork out of trying to remember when you should change your bandage.


Available at Amazon starting at $19.95



Ever realized how the neck can get tight or start hurting after long hours of using a cellphone or other handheld technologies? This results in the term called “tech neck.” HeadFloater, produced by PhysicalMind Institute, eases that problem.

A neoprene headband reduces tech-neck symptoms by comfortably compressing the skull and relieving neck pain, head pain and stress through different neck stretches.

HeadFloater is made with internal bungee cords that connect in a figure-eight cross and attach to hand straps. The bungees compress and decompress the skull while lengthening and stretching the neck making for a pleasurable and therapeutic experience.

Users do not have to worry about craning their necks while hovering over a computer or texting too much and causing a spinal issue.

“We designed HeadFloater to work harmoniously with the anatomy, balancing the neuro-musculoskeletal and respiratory systems,” PhysicalMind Institute founder and HeadFloater inventor Joan Breibart says. “With regular use it improves alignment and posture and treats tech neck.”


Available on its website for $30