Gadget Gossip: Relieving aches and pains, improving wine and sleeping comfortably

By Annika Tomlin

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DNA Jazz Band

With age comes the inevitable aches and pains of doing everyday tasks. The DNA Jazz Band is designed to get everyone back on their feet.

Four years ago, DNA Jazz Band founder Perry Kamel told his wife that he wanted to do “something with significant purpose.” Following a conversation with a genomics professor, he knew what he wanted to do.

“(The professor) was telling me about his life’s work as a professor of genomics and how certain frequencies in the red-light spectrum activate DNA expression,” Kamel says.

After a few years of scientific research and development, followed by a year of product design and manufacturing, Kamel launched DNA Jazz Band January 23, 2020, “because it’s one, two, three easy as ABC.”

The DNA Jazz Band emits red-light, near-infrared, magnetic and microvibrations through its wraparound device to help relieve aches and pains throughout the body.

“You wrap the (Jazz Band) wherever you feel the need for relief,” Kamel says. “It could be you got a sprained ankle, you got a tennis elbow, you’ve got lower back pain, your neck has a crook or maybe you are recovering from a surgical procedure.

“Whatever the case is, the product is designed to wrap comfortably in flush around the area. It then emits red-light, near-infrared, magnetic and microvibrations.”

Kamel had a “nasty case of tennis elbow” when he was first manufacturing the product, and after two weeks, he says, “My tennis elbow was gone, and it has never come back.” That was four years ago.

“It actually gets in there and helps resolve the issue, and it does that by improving and increasing blood flow, which then enhances cellular oxygenation and improves the production of cellular energy packs,” Kamel says.

It’s made in the United States within shipping containers to maximize production while making it available closer to home.

“Light therapy has historically been very expensive, very simplistic,” Kamel says. “This is very cheap and very sophisticated. The stories that we get each and every day from people’s whose life are changed are the most inspiring that I have ever done in my career — it’s truly been sensational.”

Kamel’s motto is “making the world a better place, one better life at a time.”

He received a note from a couple who couldn’t get out of bed due to shingles.

“They are sending us notes how this has been a godsend and how they are able to get back to walking their dogs and living a life that they wanted,” Kamel says.

The DNA Jazz Band comes equipped with a battery pack, car charging outlet and traditional plug.

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TRIbella Wine Aerator

There are times in a variety of adults lives where a glass (or two) of wine is needed at the end of the day.

The TRIbella Wine Aerator makes that glass(es) of wine taste that much better. As the beautiful red liquid cascades from the engineered exit pipes, the wine mixes with the surrounding air before gracefully falling into a desired vessel. The result is a fully aerated and enhanced taste in seconds.

This revolutionary three-stream pour aerator is hand-assembled and easy to clean. It provides an elevated wine pour that is drip free.

The TRIbella Wine Aerator is made of polycarbonate stainless steel and comes with a protective storage case.

Scrumptious Travel Pillow

For those who are traveling or just want a better night’s sleep, the Scrumptious Travel Pillow is the ideal pillow for side sleepers in mind.

The on-the-go pillow features a shoulder cutout, adjustable loft design and luscious stay cool fill so sleepers can feel supported.

The Scrumptious Travel pillow is made with copper-infused foam that fills naturally keep pillows fresh with its antibacterial properties. It also keeps the pillow cool throughout the night. Customize the pillow by adding or removing fill to accommodate height of user.

Made in the United States, the Scrumptious Travel Pillow comes with a complimentary carrying bag and custom-fitted pillowcase.