Gadget Gossip: These products address menopause, back pain and more

By Annika Tomlin

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Perimenopause and menopause are uncomfortable, let’s face it.

Lilach Mazor Power created her company Revelry with business partner Stef Swiergol to offer a three-product line for women to combat the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Each product is cannabis based.

“Talking about perimenopause and menopause is the stage in womanhood that is this black hole that people don’t talk about,” Power says. “We start at some point where mom will talk about a bra and shaving and then periods. Then there is the time of talking about getting pregnant, do you want to have kids and here is what that looks like to get pregnant, pregnancy and delivery. Every stage in a woman’s cycle we talk about more than this.”

Also the owner of Kindred Cannabis and Giving Tree Dispensary, Power notice an uptick in women looking for relief.

“When we started thinking about what is the product that actually helps with reducing symptoms, we realized that THC is an important part of it,” Power says.

“The THC part of it helps reducing anxiety, irritability, improves sleep. Every symptom that women go through when they go through perimenopause and menopause.”

Power and Swiergol went through various product trials to test the effectiveness on women and tweaking the products as they went along. Power knew that the products are “not necessarily going to be the No. 1 seller but it is the product that I am most proud of because I think it can make the most impact for women going through it.”

“Revelry has a day capsule, which combines four types of cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN), including microdosing of THC,” Power says.

“The purpose of that is really to do what we call ‘tolerate people better.’ Your mood swings that you go through with menopause is kind of taking a step down. You’re not as irritable. It helps with hot flashes. Does not eliminate them, but definitely reduces them in reducing the intensity a bit.”

The 10- or 30-count capsules combine 2.5 mg each of the listed cannabinoids. Revelry also offers a night capsule that combines 10 mg of THC with 10 mg of CBD.

“We always think the biggest benefit of cannabis is being able to sleep and that it helps many people for so many different things,” Power says. “This is just one of them.

“When woman talk about menopause, a lot of times they can’t sleep, or if they can fall asleep, they sleep for two hours. They have night sweats. Their minds can’t stop thinking so the THC/CBD capsule really helps put them to sleep and stay asleep.”

The night capsule helps break the cycle of exhaustion, irritability, crankiness and then exhaustion again.

“We also have a CBD-based lubricant that helps with women through that stage in our lives that we need lubricant,” Power says. “It’s got CBD, peppermint, which helps with the cooling effect and the blood flow.”

Power — who is working on a midday capsule — is proud that her product specifically targets perimenopause and menopause.

“The second thing (that sets us apart) is that we are a capsule brand, and I think it really fits women being able to microdose, being able to take cannabis in a way that is accurate dosing every single time,” Power says. “And of course, no sugar, no calories, easy to carry. All the things that women are looking for.”

Revelry is available in 25 Arizona dispensaries, a list of which is found on its website.

“I think the first thing that women ask me when they talk about this product is first of all, you don’t have to go through menopause,” Power says. “It’s also for perimenopause, which for menopause, the average age is around 52 in the United States.

“Perimenopause starts 10 years before that, so we’re going to start having some of those symptoms if it’s just anxiety or irritability or mood swings or hard sleeping, all those symptoms that are starting 10 years before menopause.

“What I say to women is we listen to what women want. This is not going to get you high. You’re probably not going to feel much. Cannabis is shown to really help women going through menopause and perimenopause, and they should give it a try.”


Products available through dispensaries

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