Honesty is the Best Policy: Comedian Leanne Morgan is relatable

By Laura Latzko
Since Leanne Morgan started her comedy career 22 years ago, women have applauded her for her honesty.
Hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee, Morgan shares her experiences with her husband and three children. She’ll do the same when she comes to the Celebrity Theatre on Saturday, May 21, as part of her Big Panty Tour.
Morgan didn’t take the traditional path to comedy, as she began touring after her children were grown. Instead, she performed at corporate and church events, as well as private gatherings, so she could be there for her kids.
“My husband had a big position — still does — with a big company,” she says.
“He works all the time and is a workaholic. So, I knew that I couldn’t work clubs and be gone all week long. Somebody was going to raise these children, and I wanted it to be me. So, I had to find another way.”
Initially, some audiences were responsive to her comedy, while others thought she was “different.”
“I had somebody tell me in LA a long time ago, ‘We thought you were a Southern comedian, but really, you’re universal because you raise a bunch of kids and are a woman. You just happen to have a thick Southern accent telling it,’” Morgan says.
Morgan’s style is clean, although she has touched on topics such as menopause, martial relations and puberty. Her children inspired her to stay away from raunchy comedy.
“I didn’t want to say anything that I didn’t want them to say,” she says.
“I knew that they were looking at me. I’m their mama, and I didn’t want to do anything that would embarrass them. I’m not a prude. I watch a lot of different comedians that are blue, and I think they are hilarious. It’s just not what I do.”
When her children were teenagers, they didn’t appreciate being the topic of her comedy. As they have aged, her children accept it and suggest ideas.
“They’ve all got a really good sense of humor, all of my kids,” Morgan says.
Through her comedy, audiences have gotten to know Morgan and her family, including her “old soul” son, “mean” oldest daughter, and “spoiled” youngest daughter. She now has a grandchild, with whom she spends a lot of time.
“Things are so different, but being with my grandchild also brings back a lot of memories of what I went through,” Morgan says.
Morgan is relatable, and that led to success.
The comedian has 1.5 million social media followers and has appeared on “The View,” “Dr. Phil,” and Nick at Nite’s “Funniest Mom” competition.
She’s inked development deals with ABC, Warner Bros., TV Land and Sony Television. Fans adore her.
“It’s just like we’re best friends and they know my family,” she says about her fans.
“I’m an open book, and they have listened. They are precious about it. During COVID, I had people sending my grandbaby things, my mama recipes of things she could eat. It was really sweet.
“After a show, I feel like I need to go home with every person, clean their house for them or make a casserole for them because they are so good to me.”
During the pandemic, she binged on macaroni and cheese, chicken casserole and pasta but didn’t write much. She tends to draw inspiration from her own experiences.
“For me, the best way to write is to do, go to a CrossFit class, go to a cheer competition, go to a Def Leppard and Journey concert,” Morgan says.

Leanne Morgan
WHEN: 7 p.m. Saturday, May 21
WHERE: Celebrity Theatre,
440 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix
COST: Tickets start at $34.75
INFO: 602-267-1600,