Local Opinions Sound Off

Surprise billing!

The presidential candidates who are calling for Medicare for All or free health care for everyone must know that is simply not doable. First, they would have to define the meaning of health care, and no one can do that.

There are some issues in the health care system that can be addressed by legislation using a system that involves doctors and insurers to create a process for independent dispute resolutions or arbitration that takes the insured patient out of the billing process when claims have been denied.

Many people have received surprise bills that come months after an emergency or urgent care visit because a service has been denied by their insurance carrier as an out-of-network issue. Of course, the patient has no choice in an emergency, and insurance companies know this. They should deal with the doctors or labs to negotiate these fees. Patients shouldn’t be involved. Your elected officials need to address this problem.

Eric Powers



Since when is putting out garbage an event?

My wife and I have been Litchfield Park residents for 25 years. When we moved here, we had “garbagemen” and the in-ground trash cans. It’s not demeaning to call garbagemen, garbagemen. They provide a valuable service. It’s good honest work, nothing to be ashamed of and I commend those (for the most part) who do it.

That all being said, sometime ago the city managers and City Council made, in my and other residents’ opinions, made the disastrous decision to change to Waste Management. I’m sure it had nothing to do with providing us the best service they were the lowest bidder period.

This prima donna company’s attitude disgusts me.

This company will not lift a finger to do anything out of the norm in picking up the garbage. Countless times I’ve had my garbage picked up while my neighbors are left or vice versa. Why? Because maybe someone parked a car in front of my garbage cans, or it’s a few feet farther back than it is supposed to be and these clowns can’t walk five more steps to get my garbage but will grab my neighbors.

Adding more stupidity to their arrogance is if I call and complain they will send out a second truck to get what the first truck should’ve gotten. Isn’t it more cost effective to walk five to six more steps while you are there and grab it? Oh, and God forbid you put out too much garbage that can’t be condoned to pick it up.

But the absolute epitome of a company out of touch with customer service is when you have a tree branch break due to an act of God. I’m expected to cut it down into manageable pieces, and tie and bundle it up (I’m sure you’d prefer I put a bow on it as well) so the garbagemen don’t have to strain themselves to get it. Maybe I should get you a cup of coffee and a Danish so you can rest, while I load up the garbage for you. It’s not like I’m paying for this service or anything.

You’re only “Waste Management” in name only. You are a garbage company, employing garbagemen, driving garbage trucks you have one job and one job only—pick up the freaking garbage.

Michael Arnaud

Litchfield Park