Maintaining Happiness: The Auberge at Scottsdale rolls out a new holistic model

By Alison Stanton

At The Auberge at Scottsdale, the staff understands how challenging it can be for a person to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

As Executive Director Wanda Tutelo says, she and her team also know that despite these diagnoses, people can still experience happiness and a sense of purpose.

Thanks to the specialized memory care community’s SPARK program, residents of The Auberge at Scottsdale enjoy many immersive and positive experiences that allow them to do just that.

“As part of the SPARK program, each resident is given a specialized assessment which indicates the resident’s existing strengths and skills,” Tutelo says.

For instance, if a resident was an avid volunteer, life-long learner or someone who enjoyed doing chores, Tutelo said the assessment helps uncover these interests.

“We then focus our programming around these activities, which enhances success and feelings of accomplishment and self-worth.”

Overall, the SPARK program is centered around four key areas: community contribution, inclusion and belonging, lifelong learning and purpose.

At the community, Tutelo says, everything the staff does focuses on making these goals a reality for residents.

For example, one of the current projects that residents can take part in, Tutelo says, centers on discussing different types of art styles.

“These discussions have been reinforced by matching activities as well as creating projects involving each style.”

Currently, residents participate in the production of holistic salves, balms and other items. By spring of 2022, they anticipate growing herbal plants in raised bed gardens at the community

The Auberge at Scottsdale has 48 suites, both private and shared, for its residents. Please call The Auberge at Scottsdale at 480-614-9100 to schedule a personalized tour.

The Auberge at Scottsdale is located at 9410 E. Thunderbird Road, Scottsdale. For more information, visit or go to its Facebook page @aubergeatscottsdale.