Project Positivity For 2019

By Bob Roth

Managing Partner Of Cypress Homecare Solutions

With the New Year come reflections and projections – figuratively, a road map of the journey that directs us to use our wisdom and experience to plan for the future. I really like thinking about goal-setting for the New Year as a projection rather than a resolution.

A resolution, “the firm decision to abstain from or do something,” feels so rigid and unforgiving. The word “projection” has seven definitions in the dictionary. The common thread that ties the definitions together is a transference of from one thing to another, be it an idea, an emotion, a picture, a sound, etc.

A projector uses light to transfer a small image to another surface to make it appear larger. I love this symbolism. In this New Year, how can we use our ideas and add energy to them to create something bigger? It is imperative to reflect on your experiences to determine what is meaningful and worthwhile.

I feel so blessed that my community of fellow Baby Boomers and those of the Greatest Generation have shared many experiences with me to help me assemble this list as a guide:

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.

Experiences far outweigh material things.

Starting off the New Year with a clean slate is invigorating. Allow yourself to be a work in progress. With gratitude, I am sending you heartfelt wishes for goodness in this New Year.