Remembering our moms

By lin sue cooney

She dried your tears when you had your first boo boo, and was there waiting all the other times you took a fall in life—the immoveable force who always had your back. You survived teasing, disappointments and failure—becoming stronger, braver and wiser—all because your mother never stopped believing in you.

When Mother’s Day rolls around on May 12, most of us will treat mom to pretty flowers, a fancy brunch or best of all, sincere words from the deepest part of our hearts. It’s the one time we freely lavish attention on a woman who doesn’t expect much and would sacrifice anything to make her kids happy.

But for those of you who have lost your moms this past year, Mother’s Day will be changed forever.

It may be a day of numbness—or the opposite—a day of bottomless grief. One of the most influential people in your life isn’t here anymore—leaving a void that can never be filled again.

Bereavement counselors at Hospice of the Valley understand how difficult it is to face that first Mother’s Day without mom. You may feel disconnected and alone—abandoned, even. They also know that with time and support, your heart will heal.

The healing journey often starts with intention—by consciously remembering mom on her special day and celebrating what it is you love most about her.

As we do every year at this time, we’ll be hosting a special remembrance event for anyone whose mothers have died. Bring a photo of your mom and something memorable of hers. Share stories about what she means to you. You can expect tears, but also laughter. You’ll learn meaningful ways to continue to honor her going forward. And you will end the day knowing that you somehow brought her to life again by sharing your memories with others who feel the same loss.

That’s the moment you realize that even though she’s gone, you’re not really alone. She’ll always be part of you.

more info

What: Hospice of the Valley Mother’s Day Remembrance Event

When: 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 11

Where: Hospice of the Valley,

1510 E. Flower Street, Phoenix

Cost: Free; light refreshments.

Bring a photo of your mother

and/or personal memento

Info: 602-636-5390,