Sweet Thangs bring full bakery to Northeast Mesa

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

Mary Zeiner watched her daughter, Ariana, bake as a teen. The younger Zeiner attended EVIT and Scottsdale Community College and concurrently opened Sweet Thangs Bakery out of parents’ home.

In February, she took her talents to the next step, opening the brick and mortar Sweet Thangs Bakery and Waffle Crush, which began as a food truck. The storefront offers hot breakfasts, hot or cold lunch sandwiches and salads, as well as a full line of bakery items and housemade custard.

“We have an amazing 100 percent made from scratch bakery, as well as gourmet coffees and fresh beverages,” Mary says. “We use all fresh ingredients with no preservatives. We also do custom cakes, cupcakes and dessert platters.”

The cookie ice cream sandwiches have proven to be a hit, as they sold 660 at the recent Barbecue and Beer Festival.

“Literally, everything we took, plus all the drink and smoothies and stuff like that, we all sold out,” she says.

The storefront is playful, with pink walls, cases of sweets and custard and examples of custom-made cakes.

“It was green, red, pink and brown before we redecorated it,” she says with a laugh.

Most important to the mother-daughter team is supporting the neighborhood.

“We’re trying to be in our community as much as possible,” she says. “We’ve helped with anniversary parties and the Falcon Field Open House. It’s nice to be involved with the people who are around here. We help the community and they send people our way.

“She never really wanted to be just a cupcake shop or just a sandwich shop, but she wanted to do this because there are no full bakeries around here,” she says.

“This was her dream.”