Terri Nunn: Fulfilled Berlin’s singer is begging to be part of ‘Top Gun’ sequel

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

Berlin singer Terri Nunn has everything she wants at age 57.

She has two of her founding members—bassist John Crawford and keyboardist David Diamond—are back in the fold, and together, they’re recording new music.

One thing she really wants, though, is another turn at “Top Gun,” as Berlin and Giorgio Moroder scored their biggest hit, “Take My Breath Away,” for the film’s first incarnation.

“We’re begging them,” Nunn says with a laugh. “I would love to do another song with Giorgio. He’s back on the scene as a hot DJ. I just love him. We stayed friends over the years. He’s a great, wonderful man and a great talent.”

Nunn says the Moroder-penned “Take My Breath Away” still resonates and it’s “amazing.”

“I love the song and Giorgio,” he says. “He could have farted and I would have sung it. Seriously, the timing was right. I have good range and I guess my fearlessness about it is what made it work.”

Nunn describes Moroder’s original version as “robotic, not romantic.” She dared to change the melody and elongate it to make it “flowy.”

“I just sang it as I wanted to sing it and it sounded good,” she says. “It was a fluke and I got the job.”

These days, Berlin is recording new music. Crawford’s return was miraculous, Nunn says.

“A couple years ago, he came back into my life,” Nunn says. “He was getting a divorce and he needed a friend. As someone who’s been through it—I’ve been through it once—I know he needed a shoulder to cry on. That’s what brought us together.

“The creativity started to spark, the music flowed, and we got a record deal. I didn’t expect it. Life is miraculous, the way things come together. It never ceases to amaze me. I like that about getting older. It gets far better. I’m just leaving my 50s and they were great. It was my favorite decade so far.”