What’s Cooking? Frozen Lemonade Pie

By Jan D’atri

Lemon lovers, I’m about to take you on a pie high!

This frozen lemonade pie is just the right refreshing treat that’s perfect for a sizzling summer day in Arizona.

I was so excited about the lemony flavor and creamy texture of this pie that I made one for my neighbor. A few hours later I got a text back. “Simply exquisite.” That’s pretty much how I felt when I tasted it, too!

Is it difficult to make? Does it take a lot of time? Do I need a lot of ingredients? No, no and definitely no! Five ingredients and you’re there. Now, you do have to let it freeze for about six hours or overnight, but this pie is worth the wait!

The frozen lemonade pie has a graham cracker crust and three layers of lusciousness. I find the store-bought graham cracker crust to be just fine, but if you have a recipe for a homemade version, that’s even better!

The first layer is a smooth and creamy slather of softened vanilla ice cream, Cool Whip and thawed lemonade concentrate. The second layer is a tangy, eye-popping kick of lemon curd and Cool Whip.

The top layer is a repeat of the bottom, and the combination of the three is gorgeous and irresistible. Thankfully, you’ll find fabulous varieties of lemon curd at the grocery store or you can make your own.

So, when you get overheated this summer and are looking for a refreshing relief in the form of a sweet treat, let a frozen lemonade come to your rescue.


• 1 store-bought graham cracker crust

• 1 quart vanilla ice cream, softened

• 16-ounce container Cool Whip, thawed

• 1 (12-ounce) container frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed

• 2 (10-ounce) jars of lemon curd
(20 ounces total)

• Yellow gel food coloring


In a large bowl, combine the quart of softened vanilla ice cream, 2 1/2 cups of thawed Cool Whip, and the thawed lemonade concentrate. Mix to fully combine.

Pour half of the mixture into the graham cracker crust to form the first layer.

Place pie and the bowl with the remainder of the ice cream mixture in the freezer to hardened for one to two hours. Meanwhile, make the lemon curd mixture.

In another bowl, add remainder of the Cool Whip (2 1/2 cups), the lemon curd and 1/2 teaspoon of yellow gel food coloring. Mix to combine. When the pie has hardened, spread the lemon curd layer over the layer of ice cream mixture. Return to the freezer to harden, about one to two hours. When hardened, spoon the remainder of the frozen (slightly thawed) ice cream mixture over the lemon curd. Return to freezer for six hours or overnight. When ready to serve, slice and serve immediately.