What’s Cooking?: Main meal salad with cilantro lime dressing

By Jan D’atri

I’ve always thought that we have certain flexibility with our choices for lunch and dinner.

But breakfast? That’s a whole different story. If you’re a bacon person, you’re never going to order sausage. If you love your eggs over easy, then scrambled just won’t do. I think it’s safe to say that breakfast our way is nonnegotiable. The same thing may be true with salad and salad dressing.

If Italian vinaigrette is your choice, then a green goddess dressing is just not going to satisfy.

The other issue with salad is, well, it’s generally thought of as the obligatory side to your entrée.

That all changes here, with this mega main meal bonanza of goodness, flavor and crunch with a surprisingly bright and full-bodied cilantro lime dressing! Wow, do I love this salad!

I love everything about it — the fixings and the fact that it’s the main event!

You can start with any lettuce you like. My choice is a combination of healthful greens like a spring mix and a crunchy chopped bag salad that is so readily available these days.

This recipe has grilled chicken, but it’s fantastic with strips of steak of you’re a beef eater.

I’m hoping this salad and the delicious dressing has everything you love and then some.

If not, add your favorite fixings and make it a main meal to remember!