What’s Cooking?: Strawberry Fool

By Jan D’atri

Don’t you just love having recipes that are so simple and yet produce the most stunning results? I can guarantee that if you make this light, fluffy mousse-like dish, folks will wonder how you found time to make such an exotic dessert! Well, they have just been fooled!

Yes, it’s called Strawberry Fool, and I think it may be a new favorite for you and your family!

We should rename this delight the Four-Ingredient Wonder. That’s all it takes to create Strawberry Fool, and it couldn’t be easier to whip up!

What gives this strawberry mixture a wonderful texture is straining out the grainy strawberry seeds. You’re left with a perfect puree that will easily blend into the whipped cream.

I’m pretty obsessed with this dessert, and I plan on trying it with fresh peaches, pineapple and mango.

I love the name, too! In doing research on this centuries-old dessert, many accounts claim the word “fool” is most likely derived from the French verb “fouler,” which means “to press.”

One thing’s for sure: I’d be a fool not to make this for my dessert-loving family members!