When to consider a move to a senior living community

Senior people watching televison together

By North Chandler Place

Let’s face it: The thought of moving away from your home and into a senior living community can be a daunting decision. For many people who are 65 and older, contemplating a move can seem like the last chapter of a well-read book. However, most people have said, “I wish I would’ve made the move a lot sooner!”

There are many benefits to moving out of a private home and into a community that is geared toward mature adults:

• “After I moved in, I met so many wonderful new friends. I didn’t realize how lonely I was and what I was missing by myself.”

• “There is a sense of community here. If I am not feeling well, someone is around to check on me, bring me a cup of soup.”

• “I feel safer here—the building has around-the-clock staff, and they look out for us.”

• “You get accustomed to all the work at home—the cleaning, cooking, yardwork, house maintenance, all of it. I felt like I was on vacation when I moved in. If I want to cook, I cook, but I don’t have to. I can eat at the restaurant downstairs instead. I don’t have yardwork and they even help me with weekly cleaning. I am spending time doing things I like to do—I have even started sewing again.”

Of course, there are many considerations, such as price, location and property amenities, to think about before making a move. Where You Live Matters (whereyoulivematters.org) is a website that offers an “unbiased, research-based, and thought-provoking resource” to help “guide you toward a smart and confident decision.”

Are you considering a specific community? Why not ask about a “try before you rent” short stay? This can be extremely helpful in making a final decision.

Finally, remember that making a move to a retirement community doesn’t have to be the last chapter in your life’s book; it could mean an exciting sequel that has yet to be written!